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6 months off subs!

Hey guys, it's been a couple months since I last checked in, just wanted to stop by and let ya'll know I'm still kicking it in recovery! I've made it this far by getting a sponsor, going to meetings, finding healthy people to be around and healthy activities to do... But most importantly for me was staying in contact with my God. I'm so pumped about it, and wanted to let those still in the thick of it that it's absolutely worth it!

However, I have a question to those who have kicked subs... I'm at 6 months, so acute detox symptoms are gone, but my hands still shake sometimes. Everytime I've gone through detox, I had tremors really bad in my hands, but I guess I would have expected them to have gone away. Is this normal or unusual? Not sure if it's something I should get checked out or not.
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Congrats on 6 months!!  Was nice to see you checking in with such an awesome update!  You are working your recovery and it shows!

As for the hands, i would maybe have that checked out.  Better safe than sorry.
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hey congrats on 6 months clean!!  thanks for checking in it brings hope to those that are still trying  it is great to here your working a progam of recovery  that makes all the difference in the world keep us posted on how your doing................Gnarly..............
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Congrats on 6 months and working the program!!!!
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Six months is fantastic!!!  Nicely done.  I'm a little over 1 year off subs and I have pretty shaky hands.  I was doing some cabinet work 2 days ago.  It was pronounced enough that I noticed it.  I don't think the subs caused it but it does seem to be worse.  Having a doc check it out sounds like good advice.  I think I'll do that.  :-)
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Awesome sauce....b/c subs are a beast...but u know this...
The hand shaking thing is normal even at 6 months...i sat on my hands for quite a while. It will slowly start waning down. Now, my bathroom issues were still there at 6 months....but everything went back to normal. Great post...im glad to see you have found recovery! Now just keep pushing forwards....
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