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65 Days Clean Today

Hello all.  I came here to check my tracker and realized I am at 65 days today!  Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your help and kind words.  I also wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories and letting me know I'm not alone in this ongoing battle.  So, thanks!  Hope everyone has a good day!
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Awesome job!!! I'm curious as to how you are feeling!?!
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Thanks!  Well, I am definitely feeling better than I was 65 days ago, actually better than I ever thought I would feel again.  I will admit that I do still have some difficult days.  But I find the further on I push, the easier and fewer these days get.  In other words, it's a struggle, but I would not change a thing!
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good job...you are doing great...keep it up...
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Cool! I can't wait to be in your spot! Just think, when i'me where you are, you'll be in a whole other better spot! All this will soon be a memory for you.........and me! A very bad one. lol
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congrats andie!!!! :) So happy for you!! I'm on day 62!!! whoohoo!! glad you're doing good! xoxo
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That is so awesome Im soo happy for you Great Job!!!!
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WOW... Fantastic job -- 65 days...What am accomplishment.  Way to be positive and keep your spirits up.  Makes me look forward to 65!
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Nice to see you on here. Congrats on those 65 days, you have done so well
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Thank you everyone for the encouragement, I hope that I can, in some way, encourage others here as well. =)
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