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65 years old - 2nd decade of use

I think about going cold turkey every single night before I go to sleep.  Will it be more difficult because of the long term of use?  I am in pain anyway so what is the point of causing liver damage.  II go for cortisone shots in my and that seems to help more than the pills.  What should I expect considering my age and the years of use?  Any thoughts would be welcome.  Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum...a little more info would better aid a valid reply. What are you taking?? How much and how frequently?? It is absoloutely doable if you really commit to it. You have taken a great first step by posting....hang around and you will get plenty of support and good advice....peace and prayers for you my brother.....
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Absolutely, a little more info is required here. I would ask the same questions as above and also about any medical conditions you might have, other meds you might be on and how long you actually have been on your Drug of Choice (DOC). Do you intend to do this under a Dr's care? Please keep posting. We're here!
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Regardless of what you are on, since you're in your 60s, you need to speak to a doctor.  It can be very dangerous to stop cold turkey.  He may tell you that it's fine if you don't have any underlying heart or blood pressure issues or diabetes, but we have seen people get very sick on here from doing this CT when they are having other health problems too.  Please talk to your doc first, and then we will help support you through it, ok?

Just give them a call, and make sure it's ok!!!
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Hello and welcome. If you're in your 2nd decade of using anything containing opiates, you need to be with your doctor completely on this. Don't try this alone at home. There's so many benefits getting your doc on board. He/she has your charts, can give you meds such as clonidine to help you through a long taper, and can keep your vitals under complete control. Your doctor may also have some other ways to deal with your pain.

I really enjoy my freedom. I'm 66 and went CT after almost 2 years of 30mg a day vicodin use. And that was my 3rd withdrawal. I was done in about 2 really rough weeks, and I don't want to ever get like that again. I honestly don't think I have another recovery in me.

You have the required willingness to kick your pills. Just the fact that you want to improve your quality of life is huge! You'll enjoy your freedom from pain pills, but keeping you safe is the number one priority.
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Hi , Great advise ,  Start with your Dr.
I agree 100% with openmind .
Just like you , i needed help when i found this site .
I am 66 and with the support i received here i started a Taper , after tapering i was able to quit a 100mg a day Norco addiction .
I have been pill free now for over 7 months and each day now  i wake up feeling good and ready to start my new day . Way better then wakeing up feeling sick every morning needing my first pills of the day
Its really nice to not think about or need pills .
This can be done , You can do it ..
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Hi I agree with all the above..Heck I am going to be 57 in a couple of days and I went c/t from 3 meds..It is a lot harder as we get older..I was around a place where there was people and a DR..But s***t it was very hard on my system to do it that way..I was the one too that did not want any meds..Finally took the Clonidine for sleep..They use this alot for opiate w/ds..also they have a non-additive anxiety pill called Buspar (Buspirone) Not the (Bupropion) that is a anti-deprssent.. Do talk to the DR he knows your Heath Issue..Good Luck you can do it...
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I do have a doctor's appointment on the 14th and hopefully I will ask him, but as you all must know, it will be hard to tell him (the dr. who provides the pills) because that will be the end of the source. Just scary.  I have been taking 10=12 10 mg percocet per day  for about 3 years.  My initial experience with percocet was in 1995 when I took 5 mg per day and it gradually increased to where I am now.  The reason I haven't taken anymore than the 10-12 is because of the damage acetaminophen can cause to my liver.  I do have a glass or two of wine each evening.  Never more.  There is another huge impediment for me to quit.  I have a busy life with my job and relatives that live with me and I am responsible for.  I know that when I did try and stop and long time ago, I couldn't even move because I was exhausted.  More than exhausted.  Unable to even get out of bed and the feeling wouldn't go away.  I finally solved the problem by taking a pill and that is why I am here today.  No one will recommend substituting one pill for another, but I have heard of a medication called Provogil which may take care of this problem.  I do not have the luxury of lying in bed and have considered this.  Could someone give me thoughts on this idea.  Thanks alot.
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I know what you mean about losing your source. It's a brave act to accomplish, but it's necessary if you decide to quit. I don't know about you, but if i can go out and easily get one, sooner or later I will. What I did was to tell my doctor: "I'm addicted to the stuff, I want off of it, but if it ever comes to a quality of life matter, then I'm open to going back on something for pain".

I also understand your concerns for going through withdrawal. That's why you need to stay in tune with your doctor on this whole thing. If you need to see a specialist, do that, if your doctor thinks you should. But my thoughts are for you to not even think of going off of these meds on your own.A well planned taper is much safer. It prolongs getting clean, but when you think of how long you've been going with these meds, it's really not that much more time. Right?  And then most importantly, we will gladly be with you on your journey every step of the way, no matter how long it takes. Helping you helps us, and that's also something you can participate in on here if you wish.

As for Provogil, I'm a recovering addict as many of us are on this forum. I have no educated knowledge of new medicines. Again, that would be a question for your medical professionals who have your charts. Our primary purpose on here is to support you through your detox. We also have been known to share about how we're keeping clean, way far beyond detox.

Please keep posting your thought and concerns!
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The medication that you mentioned is designed for "shift differential" - people getting adjusted to a third trick job or something like that. Check out the amino acid protocols on medhelps search engine...you might find that l-tyrosine would give you some energy.
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You will feel better once you come clean to your doctor.  Yes it is scary to spill our guts but doing so allows us freedom.  Do check out the amino acid's as they are helpful.  Feeding our body healthy supplements is a big plus.
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I am on hour 20 of cold turkey. I'm just sick to death of the grip these opiates have on me. NO MORE!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you so much for your feedback.  I will try to get enough courage to tell my doctor on the 14th and will keep you posted.
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I don't know if you are even able to communicate at this point, but I am wondering how you are doing and just want to give you encouragement to keep going.  It must be really tough, but it is better than worrying about the pills everyday.  I can't say I know how you feel, but wanted to say hang in there and Good luck
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