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Alternative to AA?

Why kind of after care alternatives are available for people who aren't religious? My boyfriend has not been very open to the idea of AA because he is an atheist and doesn't want to hear about Jesus, etc.  I know that he would benefit from some kind of after care, because he has relapsed more than once in just a few months. He has been seeing therapist, but she's suggested AA as well.  Any advice?

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AA is kind of religious.  Really, i know they say they are not, but anyone who's been to a meeting knows they are.  they may not be affiated with any church, but faith in god is a big part of their method.  i'm not knocking religion; if it works, well ******* great!  but some folks are put off by it and so it can be counterproductive to progress.  check out "Smart Recovery", a program based on cognitive science.  Just the thing for anyone who's intelligence is offended by the preachiness of AA/NA.  But also, you might want to check out a different meeting as they vary greatly in culture.  good luck.
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Thanks for the information!  I will definitly do some more research and hopefully convince my b/f to at least give it a try.
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same as above -- AA is not a religious program. as a matter of fact there are quite a number of atheists/agnostics. I am a Christian and had a hard time finding a Christian sponser when I used to go...some are openly hostile to Christianity!
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Again...AA is not religious.....the higher power they speak of can be any even within yourself if need be....no religious beliefs involved at all....I know i am repeating toxic but just dont want you to miss something that is so helpful for recovery
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CATUF...well said.

AA is NOT a religious program. They talk about a higher power..but that higher power can be whatever works for you. Tell him to give it a try. He may have to try a few different mtgs. to find one he feels comfortable at..       GOOD LUCK!
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AA is not religious – it is spiritual, but not religious.  There is a big difference.  Jesus is not part of the AA program.  I've heard a few folks mention his name, but it's not common or typical

Chapter 4 of AA’s Big Book is entitled “We Agnostics.”  It is available at: http://www.recovery.org/aa/bigbook/ww/chapter_4.html.  It's worth reading - especially for people like me who had to embark on the spiritual journey of Recovery with no faith of any sort.

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Wow, that's a good question. I would have said a therapist but apparently he has one and she thinks AA is best. Aren't there other therapy groups besides AA? Maybe he could ask her about that?
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