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BETTER THAN A MTG? When you can't "get" there yet.....

This site blesses my socks off!  I don't really have a "question", but am being told I MUST GET TO A MEETING!!
It takes my atrophied muscles and abused body a LONG time to get ready to go anywhere.  Wanted to share that while I have an NA mtg picked out to try (went to one about a mo ago that didn't fit), at least here I can do some things considered "not appropriate" due to the setting or things I just wouldn't probably do.....
I can "cross talk"
I can talk or listen for as long as I need to.
I can laugh outloud, belly, deep laugh because I SO RELATE TO YOU ALL!
I can cry......over emotions on a post.
I can instantly write down a name to pray for right then!
I can talk to other addicts ALL OVER THE U.S. AND THE WORLD!!
I can heat my back, drink dr. pepper and take smoke breaks!
I really like you guys!
Grateful in Kansas tonight......102 days clean and hangin
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Hey - YOU are one of "you guys".
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Thanks, Kyle.  I truly do feel "apart" of something here!  It's great.

Is it possible to "get addicted" to this site?? LOL!!!
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Yes. It is. 9 months for me. But I get a whole lot more than I give. This site keeps me focused. And helps me remember.
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If I remember correctly......you live where it is Eastern Std Time, huh?

Well, then.......HAPPY 9 MONTHS KYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your tracker has "moved" to WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3rd!!

Good on ya!

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Thanks. I'm posting tomorrow/today. Opening myself up for yet more strange posts. Last night was a crazy ride. Thanks again.
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Congratulations on 102 days!! I'm on day 23!! Just can not sleep for ****!! I feel like I'm being stung by bees or something. It's really driving me crazy but other than that all is well. I too have not been going to meetings yet but have been enjoying this site. Thank you all.
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