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Back&I need some support! :(

It feels like forever since I've been here! I was last posting I think when I was trying to kick my hydro habit, I was clean for awhile and ended up falling back into it, ultimately getting into methadone and finally went on suboxone about 4 months ago. I'm 19 days off suboxone, was weaning with hydro/oxy  for about a week after I quit suboxone and had 2 days totally clean, after being off the opiates about 2 days I went on a week long adderall and klonopin binge and really don't remember much of anything!

It's been 3 days today since I've had anything, and I'm a wreck! I feel like ****, but emotionally I feel even worse! I am a nervous wreck, tired, and still having some restless arms/legs. My mind feels like scrambled eggs and  I'm really disappointed and upset with myself. The last month has been about as rock bottom as you can possible imagine! I can't do this anymore...the active addiction, the withdrawal, any of it...I'm a mess. I don't know how I made it 3 days to be honest. I need some encouraging words..and I need some realistic time table of what I'm looking at before I feel semi normal again. I've been through the opiate w/d before but never with suboxone and never with the week before on amphets and benzos either!

I've got after care all set up (already attend meetings, starting individual counseling and group therapy) but I need to survive until then. Ugh.
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hi, you can do this, most of us have relapsed but are ok now, you really need to want this , a positive mind is half the battle, its good you have aftercare this time, its the staying off thats hard, use the thomas recipe in the health pages, top right hand corner of page. lots of things in that to help you. stay strong , remember you want to be free of this awful addiction. you have done well for 3 days, and in another 3 you will feel a bit better, i wish you well, god bless.
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im on day 4 and i feel so much better already you can do this!
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