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CT Tomorrow-Need Help Support

Well my first post didn't get much feedback except for Dominosara, but I will be quitting an Oxycontin habit CT at the end of today and my withdrawals will begin tomorrow.  Anyone who can help with support while I do this will be a saviour as I have lost those closest to me and I am doing this pretty much alone. Also I need to know how to get past day 5, 6, 7.  This point has alwys been trouble for me and it is usually the time I relapse.  I want to rid myself of the handcuffs this drug has burdeoned upon me.  Any help will be appreciated in advance.

One other thing, I need to book time off of work but I dont know how long to take.  My job is pretty physically demanding and from what I've read so far energy is something that i need to deal with while detoxing.  Any advice?
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Hang in there, you can do it. There are several good people that will help you through this. I went off methadone cold turkey 15 days ago so, I know you can do it. I still have some lingering side effects but I feel great. Head is finally clear. Do what these people tell you and remember your never alone.
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I think a week off will probably be enough.  You will probably still have some physical discomfort after a week, but the OTC non-narcotic pain meds should help a lot (they did for me).

And just get yourself mentally prepared for the next few days.  Your mind is going to go a little nuts on you - and try to convince you to take just another pill to feel better.  IGNORE those thoughts and trust the fact that you will feel a little better each day.

There are all kinds of vitamins and supplements you can take through detox that will help a lot (check out thomas recipe and amino acid protocol on the right hand side of this page).  And hot showers with epsom salts will help with any "rebound" pain you might experience.  And a LOT of distractions should help with the anxiety (movies, mindless TV, a walk outside in the fresh air) ANYTHING that keeps you from overthinking the anxiety will help.  Lots of clean comfy clothes to change into if you experience the awful night sweats so many of us do (I did), clean linens on your bed if you end up spending a lot of time in bed the first few days (I did) and comfort food in the house will also help.  Think "hospital" food - bland stuff like rotisserie chickens, jello, mashed potatoes, yogurt, tea and saltines.  That should help you stay nourished and remember to drink lots of fluids.  Water is good if your stomach can handle it (my couldn't) and orange or apple juice.  Gatorade is also REALLY good because of the electrolytes.  It will help keep you hydrated during this time.  Also, if you experience the RLS, bananas (potassium) will help for that and the Hylands Restul Legs with quinine should help with that too.

And a POSITVE attitude is SO important right now.  Remind yourself that you're doing something really good for your body and that the your body is ridding itself during this time of all those nasty toxins that built up from taking the drugs for so long.  This is a really really GOOD thing your doing for yourself so don't lose sight of that.

Good luck to you!  It will get better!  :)
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Imdone gave you some good advice, try to get your "stuff" before this evening.
I would go by the healthfood store and pick up some of the things listed in the Thomas recipe and the amino acids protocol, additionally get some Ace bandages, Advil, Nyquil, some things to help you sleep. I would think that you had made arrangements to be off for about a week already.

Good luck to you...you'll make it ok.
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Thanks for the advice everyone, I have been actually preparing myself for this since yesterday.  I've quit CT before and I KNOW i can do it again, it's just getting past day 5 - 7 that always gets me.  My mind plays tricks on me telling me I'm outta the woods.  Along with the next couple of days this will be where I need the most support.  If I can just make it over that hump maybe I will never look back.  I need to hear from people that it is better on the other side.  I want to be clean so badly because I dont remember how it feels anymore.  Its been an 8 year, really long and bad dream!!  Thanks again and I hope you all stay with me through all this.
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The best way to get past day 5 or 7 or any other day is to have outside support and aftercare.  Can you go to NA?  Therapy?  Maybe a pastor at church?  You have to do something. You can't assume that if you get over the "hump" then you won't look back.  I can't tell you how many times I made it pretty far, only to relapse when I got comfy.  All because I didn't listen to people who tried to tell me how to make it!  So....do something different, ok?

As far as energy, that pretty much takes time, but you can help with vitamins and B12.  I take Super B Complex.  Helps a bunch!  Walking and physical activity will help too.  Try to go back to work as soon as you can.  It will be good for body and mind!

We'll help you!!! : )
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You are definately right, I need to do something different because its not working for me the way it is.  Do you know if they test you for substances before an NA meeting because I have some time tonight and I would really like to go to a meeting to see what its all about but obviously I wouldn't be clean.  I'd like to do it before I get really sic because I know whats coming the next couple of days. Thanks.
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No, there is no drug test.  It's just a completely anonymous meeting.  You don't even have to tell anyone your name unless you want to.  It's a really good idea to go tonight and get familiar with it!  It's a step in the right direction.

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Hi, Glad to see you have decided to get off of the pills. Stick around here and you will get a lot of support and suggestions from members who have gone through it.

NA is a fellowship of people just like yourself who are learning to get and stay clean. They don't drug test there and like tramahater said, it is an anonymous program. But, it is not something you can go to once and be done with it. It is something you become part of---join---and utilize as your support group. In any case, give it a try. You just might like it. Here is the link to meetings in your area:


Let us know how you make out.

Also, keep a positive attitude. You are all set to be sick tomorrow and I don't want to see you talk yourself into anything. You don't know what it will be like until tomorrow so don't worry about it today. Hang in there.
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Hey, Well you have come to the right place to help you cut your addiction! This board helped me so much, I have 4 days sober off of pills... The first 2 days were the worst, but I have felt great ever since. I have so much energy, that its weird. I walk 2 times a day, Once when I wake up in the morning, which helps me with some energy, and than at night after dinner which helps me calm down. The walking helps a bunch, I also like to mediate? I usually great a cup of coffee, smoke a cig, and sit outside and think of 10 positive thoughts, for the day. Please stay strong and please don't give up! We are all here for you and we are all, here to help you. Please Please Please use us to the fulliest advantage! Best of luck! <3 Jess
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Meditation!!  Yes, I always forget to mention that.  I never thought I could be the type who would benefit from mediation, boy was I wrong!  It may feel weird at first and hard to do, but if you do try it, just let yourself get comfortable with it and that may take a few times.  But I can not begin to tell you how much it has helped me!  :)
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Thanks for everyones comments so far...I plan to stick around so I'm sure I'll get to know you guys well.  I'm willing to try anything and everything to see what works for me. Thanks again.
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Now THAT'S the right attitude.  Good for you!  :)
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So, did you find a meeting near you?
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My search turned up 0 results for my area.  I will do more research and maybe find something in the surrounding cities.  How about AA would, it be a adequate substitute to NA? I can find a meeting for AA but I'm not sure about the difference.  What do you think?
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Sorry...I should have mentioned that I reside in canada, maybe that is the reason.
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