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Can weed make you feel weird a couple days after?

So I was smoking pot with a friend of mine, and I took two hits of the bong and felt really scared, paranoid, and depressed. I started puking and getting unusual thoughts in my mind, but finally the puking stopped and I went to bed. Once I woke up I felt really weird, I felt like I was in a mix of reality and a dream. My mouth was hella dry and I was scared with weird thoughts in my mind. Once that day passed, I felt somewhat better but with a continuing dry mouth and a weak sensation. now today I feel the same, with a dry mouth, tired, scared, weak, free-minded. Can this go away after a while, or does it stick with you forever?
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This will go away in time if you stop doing this.
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have you smoked before?  
It might have been laced with something.
Do you have a known anxiety isdue?
Sometimes pot can trigger anxiety and cause paranoia.
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Good morning,  more than likely it’s anxiety.  Anxiety can do all that you’ve mentioned.  
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