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Cannabis and opiate addiction

Can cannabis help with opiate addition and withdrawal?
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Hi  well we have had a lot of people try this but few with little success you wind up high and then the symptoms seam worst it defenaly give you more anxiety your best off not trying.............Gnarly
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Thw whole getting clean thing means stopping all mood altering chemicals.  I would stay away from the weed.
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Personally it helped me soooo much. I'm on day 5 and the wd are nowhere near as bad . It helped with my body aches and I was less anxious. Alsox, it helped with sleep.
That's just me tho.
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If weed is your thing then it will likely lessen discomfort.  If it makes you paranoid then it probably won't help.  What Dominosarah said though is probably more to the point, and clean means clean.  In saying that though, if you're planning on taking valium through detox like many people do for example, I would say that weed is less of a drug to take and use that instead.
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