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Today is day 4 and I STILL havent had any severe wd symptoms.  I slept pretty good last night, I woke up once then fell right back to sleep.  Each day gets a liiiiittle bit easier but does that mean my body is preparing itself for total torture?? Does it get better before it gets worse??  My worst symptoms are that I feel clammy and thats about it, ill jump in the tub and then feel fine.  Ive had RLS as well, but i take a couple flexril and its not so bad.  Will someone please let me know if this is right??
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What r u coming off of?...I went thru the same type of wds u r talking about. They only got better after day 2. They were very doable and easy. I got lucky. Congrats on day 4. Remember we only do it just for today. ....Angie ♥
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depends on what you were on? If you were just takin loratabs, perks and things than yeah, your w/ds would have most likely(IMO certainly) have already started being that they only last about 5 days or so. However, if you were takin sub or methadone or even parhaps oxy than it takes longer becuase on the length of time these pills effect you. I hope you have beat them this time just remember it gets WORSE each time
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lol  i guess i forgot to mention what i was on lol, i was taking approx4-5 yellow norcos on a daily basis for the past 2 years.  
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I have no desire to go back to my old lifestyle.  Im pretty strong minded when it comes to addiction, i was hooked on cocaine and one day i jsut decided i was done, and then i was done, no turning back.  My friend, well actually i realize now that shes NOT a friend, asked me if i wanted one of her pills and i said no, i really dont want one.  I could get some if i wanted to, my supply didnt get cut off, i cut it off (yaaaayyy go meeee!!) LOL!

Thanks guys ;)
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Sounds like u are very lucky I'm on day 25 and still trying to get my energy back it's funny iv done alot of drugs to coke speed weed before I got married yrs ago and I quit with no problems never even looked back lol crazy but these dam pills has def been the hardest I'm never taking one again I hate them well good luck to I hope it just gets even better for u
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