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Day 2 and hanging on....

This is my fourth attempt at getting clean in 9 months off Percs for pain management. This cold turkey detox is a rough one. I read earlier on a post that only gets harder. I made work yesterday but, not today. It was a tough night. But, I did what was helpful in the past and it worked. The funny thing is when I'm on the pills I want off and when I'm off of the pills, I want them? Is that not the craziest thinking? I did get up this morning to venture out. I also just returned from a walk around the neighborhood. My question is..............How do you get the courage up to tell your Dr no more scripts? My pain is real in my hands and wrists and prior to Percs traditional over the counter meds did not work. The last two months I have had to take more and end up running out and having to ct until my script can be refilled. What a merry go round. Any words of wisdom would sure help. Thanks!
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I have pain in my hands from osteoarthrittis and a failed joint replacement.  After nine surgeries, pt, ot, and nearly every narcotic I wanted off.  I was on high doses and tried to CT but due to other health issues had to taper.  I was dependent versus addicted.  I did need meds over the winter due to very high vlood pressure due to the pain but am coming off and should be off within a week or so.  I would suggest you see a hand specialist.  We use our hands for eveeything.  I have a prescription gel called Voltaren gel that takes the edge off.  There are days my pain is unmanageable but it's usually no worse than when I was on Fentanyl and oxycodone, as well as Neurontin, Cymbalta and more.  My pain doc at the time was not helpful in me coming off meds but I did get some great support here even though I wasn't an addict in the true sense of the word.  I have lost most function in my left hand and my right hand isn't far behind.  Good luck.  It is doable, though challenging at times.
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I'm new here & just wanted to say congrats on getting clean!! Keep thinking about all these wonderful people that have been clean & talk about how great it is. I know that's where
I want to be & I know we both can get there! Stay strong :)
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Now! Now! You have been around this site for awhile..Are you hitting any meeting after you get clean?? Also you know that honesty is the best policy..So I would try to do both..Give yourself time to stay clean and see how nice it can be..OK..
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Hi , When you get tired of the pain pill life , or should i say the no life it takes about 4 days to 1 week to get thru the tuffest part of detox  . We all think it will kill us for the first 4 days . But it won't . many here have done it and are now pill free . And so can you.
Just need to get as strong as you can and think 100% positive . I can get my life back , just need to fight hard for 100 hours then it will start to get better .
Go hour by hour the first day .one more hour gone 99 to go .
You can do this .... Ron ..  pain pill free 230 days
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I will hit an AA meeting after work tomorrow. The honesty I have..it is staying positive that is the prob. Thnx
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Hey Tempe I remember you and Vic is right you have been around this site for a while. I guess you need to be sure that you really want to stay clean.  I think your ambivalence is normal; its great you want to get off the pills and pretty much a given that you'll have cravings.  Let yourself have the cravings but don't act on it ... I hope you can be strong and keep trying.  You sound strong, and tough. Stick with it!  we are here to support you.

p.s.  It took me about a year to tell my doctor to stop prescribing and it was really hard but it really paid off.
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What does the pain stem from? Diagnosis?
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Hi Tempe - I told my doctor 'no more scripts' on the morning of day 5 of my last c/t detox; I pretty much spilled it all.  I had quit before a few times over the years (usually because I had run out of pills), but had never gotten up the nerve (or true intention, really) to do this and always relapsed when my refill came due and/or I ordered them online.  This last time was a similar situation; I was unexpectedly left with no pills and pretty much no way to get any for about a week.  By that 4th day I was over acute w/d's and feeling good about things - on the emotional UP of just doing it, yet cravings had not really set in yet.  That next morning I just did it.  Told my Dr. everything.  BEST thing I ever did in my life.  Ofcorse there were moments over the next days and even week or so that I was mad at myself; but those regrets are far GONE now!  Online ordering is no longer available to me AND my family all knows now.  I could not get my doc now if I wanted to.  My sources have been cut - it has made it SO MUCH easier - it has made THE difference for me this time.  Getting support here has been life saving and physical therapy and exercise has helped to keep my pain at manageable levels.  The problem with the quitting and starting again for me was that I would end up taking even more when I started up again, running out faster just as you described; SO common with opiates as they keep building tolerance over time.  This went on way too many years - I HAD to stop the madness.  When you have a few days clean and start to feel better physically; you have some new clarity and are feeling good about yourself and the accomplishment - maybe you can find this "window" and go for it.  In any case, never quit quitting.....you CAN do this :))
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I understsand legitimate pain, Tempe,and I understand your concern. I have an undiagnosed problem in my feet. Sounds silly I know, that your feet could cause you so much grief but they have about ruined my life. The only hope I can give you is that my Pain Mgt doctor at a presigious medical school told me recent studies indictate that opiates actually CAUSE pain, much like rebound pain you get with a headache. So, he swears to me that once I get off my opiates that the pain will diminish. I am trying hard but for some reason I havent bottomed out yet and quit. Hate myself for it. So its a vicious cycle of taking them and worrying about my liver and quitting and feeling withdrawals. Hang in there- I hope you find the strength to go through with it this time. You are strong! You can do it Tempe.
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I have carpel tunnel, degeneration in the wrists and arthritis. All the hand surgeon wants to do is operate and then kick you out the door when the pain does not stop. Never will I go through another surgery. Also, I work on a computer most of the day. I will make an appt with my DR about no narcotics and try the Voltaren that marycarmel mentioned. The Percs dulled the paint enough to manage the day in the beginning but slowly is not effective anymore.
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Heading back to work today after calling in yesterday. Typical headache,grouchy etc. Last night was much better than the night before.
For all the new folks reading...Give this a try as the wd's really are not that bad after a few days of he--.
Thanks for the support gang as it turns my desire to stop into action. Hitting up an AA mtg after work.
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You're doing it....YEAH DAY 3!!!  You're pushing on thru....that'll get r done!

So glad you're hittin a meeting after work, too~
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I'm so happy to see you're going to a meeting after work. I found alot of support in the closed women's meetings, and met a lot of good friends there that had the same challenges as myself, when i needed them the most.  It was surreal to me to be going through detox and early sobriety without friends in AA. I felt surrounded by people, 24/7 who had no understanding. I began to laugh again, when i was in the rooms of AA CA and NA. It made all the difference to know that i was part of the bigger picture, the solution, while in group and with time, this comradery kept me sane in the sober world.   Best of luck to you. I'll be rooting for ya !!!
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I made only a half a day at work. The good thing is others are out with a flu bug. I came home & had a hot bath & resting in bed. Wow, what a headache too. I never had those before. I was very clear and focused at work as I was piled high from missing yesterday. Gonna rest a bit then head out for a short walk and hit a meeting tonight. Thanks for all the support gang, I am much more positive with it.  (  :
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Day 3 can't end soon enough. This is the worst by far. I have bad body aches chills low grade fever. I just took two aleve and hope that helps. I am drinking vitamin water and carnation Instant breakfast. Also been taking two Epsom baths which I can't stay in long. I am wondering if I picked up the bug at work everyone has? Yesterday, I had good energy walking the dog etc. I hope tomorrow is the turning point. Guess it is true that each withdrawl gets worse. I am so done with the Percs! I wanted to grab an AA mtg but, I can't even get off the couch! Come on day 4!!!!!!
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Hope you have a better day tomorrow. You can do this!!!

Praying for you!!!!
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Day 4 and home from work. I seemed to have caught a bug going around work. Started on aleve as my Tempe reached 104, down too 100.4 and the lowest has been 99.7. Days 3 & 4 have really been bad with the fever. Never experienced this before. Treating with over the counter mess. Is this normal or should I make an appt with my Dr? Uggh...
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Temp reached.. Over the counter meds. Dang auto correct.
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I did hit the Dr yesterday and I have bronchitis and fever that spiked to 104 two nights ago. I was given antibiotics and have taken 3 doses and over the counter decongestant. My temp is still hovering around 100.3. I hope this gets under control as I am tired of laying in bed coughing my a-- off. The wd's are nothing now. Ending day 5 and hoping for a miracle in the morning. Needing prayers ya all. Thanks!
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So sorry to hear that! Sounds like you're on the mend tho! Hope it
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So sorry to hear that! Sounds like you're on the mend tho! Hope it passes soon! Congrats on ending day 5!
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well nothing like bronchitis to take your mind off your withdrawals.
that stinks.
many a folk have gotten pretty sick when they are in withdrawal.
glad you went to the doctors, with the meds you will be on the mends.
104 is a high temp for an adult. after 48 hrs of antibiotics you should definitely be starting to feel better.
did they give you an inhaler also?
any cough medicine? no codeine right?
praying for your speedy recovery,
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Thnx Sweetie...He gave me a zpack,mucinex D,nose spray,aleve and sending my son to get coughing syrup now. No codeine, heck no!
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your welcome. make sure you drink a lot of fluids. a netty pot will also help to cleanse your sinus. stand in the shower with lots of steam.
good sometimes the cough syrup they prescribe has codeine.
is he your regular doctor? does he know about your addiction?
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