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Day 9... Almost double digits!!! Whoop!!!

I just want to say how much I appreciate you all!! Day nine is good!! I dont know if I could have done it Without this place. You are all so amazing.... Keep up the good fight!!! Its worth it.... Your all worth it!! Love and prayers to you all!!! :) <3
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Way to go!!! And we couldn't do it without you! God Bless you
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Look at you!!!  Almost double digits and you're helping others on the forum too!!  You're breaking those chains of addiction and freedom from addiction feels SO GOOD....it's worth every minute we fight for it!
So proud of you~
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Freakin' awesome!!!!  Day 10 was a biggie for me.  I really turned a corner around that time.

Keep up the good work...you got this!
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Way to go Chelsey!  Watching your success keeps me going!!!
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Happy happy day 10 now! You are doing SO well. Keep up the good work!
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Congrats!! Keep it up, your doing awesome;)
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Hey congrats on day 10 your off to a great start  time for aftercare  this is a critical part of recovery...for me the N/A progam has been working and I recamend it to all our members google a N/A meeting near you................................Gnarly..............
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Just checking in again. Want to give you a BIG HIGH FIVE!

I am proud to have gotten to know you in a more personal way. I can say that you are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make this Journey. Very Proud for YOU and that you have a very Wonderful Supporting Hub. Now we just have to listen to them because they can be right at times..LOL

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how do you feel at day 9?  withdrawal symptoms?
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woo woo...excellent
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congratulations!!!  it should be ten by now, right?  super
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