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Does outpatient treatment help?

Today was day 19 in my recovery from Crystal Meth and I threw it all away. I'm so disappointed and ashamed of myself! I have been trying to quit since October and this past 19 days was the longest I've made it. I have been going to NA meetings and that's made a huge difference but today I just quit on myself. I'm wondering about outpatient treatment. Has anyone else gone that route and found it to be successful? I really want to stick with what I'm already doing because it has been working but my therapist has basically given me one last chance and I blew it. I agreed that I would go into treatment if I messed up again and here I am. Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm not ready to give up this fight.
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Just wanted to jump in and show you some support.  Forgive yourself the relapse, there is no need to beat yourself up for it.  Start anew.  You know that NA is helping you.  You can never get too much support.  Outpatient, counseling, church, NA.  I have not tried outpatient but many have and have found great success,  Sarah's response was so insightful.  You have already proven you are ready to fight for your sobriety.  Keep pushing forward. You are definitely a fighter!
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92 percent of meth users will stay hooked the rest of their lives (or so studies say) so don't beat yourself up bc it can only make things worse. Outpaitent can help detox you but you have to find the root source if why you want to use. If not then after 30 days at a facility you will hit the street searching. Remember recovery is a process and not a change in time. You can do this hang in there.
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Wow that's a grim statistic but if it's true I'm determined to be in that 8%! Thanks for responding. I was really nervous to put this up and admit that I failed today. I've already reached out to a couple of the ladies in NA and they have been very encouraging. I don't see how an outpatient program will make a huge difference but that's why I'm asking for information. I really regret what happened today but I don't feel defeated! I'm going to fight for this. I plan to use this as a learning experience in what went wrong today. I've just received so much great support on MH that I don't want to lose. Thanks so much!
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That's right friend!!  You could easily be in that 8%. You have to want to be clean and live a clean lifestyle for YOU. You also have to keep trying, which you are doing. I have a statistic. Those who keep trying rarely fail in the long run. Recovery has a way of catching up with us if we keep trying. Best wishes to you friend and you can do this. ;)
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Be an 8 PERCENTER!!!! You can do it!!
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fter discharge, about 55 percent of meth users were still drug-free.
I would like to know where you get your statistics about crystal meth users. I wish people would do a little research before they post. People come to this site seeking help not to be told they have little chance of beating there addiction.  Clm1974 do not buy into jp's garbage. Search the topic and you will find out recovery rate for crystal meth users is nearly the same as cocaine and alcohol. You just need to get into a good program and not try to beat it by yourself. Below is one of many articles about the recovery rate.
You can beat this.

"There are myths that less than 5 percent of methamphetamine addicts recover, but that's a made-up number that is somehow repeated around the country," said Dr. Richard Rawson, the associate director of the University of California, Los Angeles Integrated Substance Abuse Programs.

"In fact, recovery rates are comparable to other drugs, like cocaine and alcohol," he said.

Mary Ann Ford Sherman, Kings County Behavioral Health director, said a 12-month program is needed to combat meth addiction, and the idea that addicts cannot recover is not true.

"Meth is a beast, and it takes a longer time in treatment to address that addiction," said Ford Sherman. "But folks can recover, this is no longer the face of addiction we thought it was in the '80s."

Rawson helped create the Matrix Model, an outpatient, abstinence-based drug treatment program that combines therapy, education, urine monitoring and positive reinforcers.

The rate of methamphetamine-negative urine samples at six months was about 67 percent. One year a
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