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Feeling very anxious

I am feeling so anxious and crummy. I am able to sleep however. Looking for support as i lay on my couch feeling down :(
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I'm glad to hear you've been able to sleep. Are you physically able to get up and go for a little walk/drive? Just to get out of the house. I know through my detox I was so depressed and full of anxiety. Putting my head phones on with my favourite music and just walking around the yard helped. This will pass,keep hanging in there. Is your body sore and do you have the really upset tummy? Or just mostly anxiety?
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I have zero energy yet severe anxiety. No upset tummy really. Having quite the hard time. I can go for a walk but I feel horrible. I don't even want to shower. Will I ever feel better? I have Valium but want to steer clear from it since I heard it can be awful in itself so I'm staying away and not taking it. I think I might force myself to shower. I know tramadol withdrawals can last a while longer than others. I am desperate. I feel lost.
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Oh sweet girl,YES you WILL get better!! I promise! I know it doesn't feel like it but you will!! I would suggest a bath over the shower if possible,it was the only time through my detox that I felt relaxed. Just lay there until the water gets cold,dress in something light and snuggle up in bed. If you can go for a walk then don't force it. It's going to get better love,just keep hanging in there. And if your doc gave you the Valium then maybe try a little piece of one? Just be so so so careful with them!! Benzo w/d lasts way longer than opiate w/d's. So just enough to get through these couple days if you decide to take them. I wouldn't even start with a whole one,you might not need a whole one.
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If you "can't" go for a walk. Is what I meant to say. Then don't force yourself.
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Hi! Sorry you feel so crummy. Try watching some funny movies. Like Krissy suggested, music, music, and more music. It helped me so much with the anxiety when I was detoxing off trams. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you. Hang in there!!
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What day are you on now? You didn't abuse the tramadol and you weren't on them for a long time. So I don't think you should have physical w/d's for a month or something. Like say someone who took them for years at 10-15 a day. I think your physical w/d's should start letting up within a week and feeling s bit better every day.
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Thank you both so much. Krissy I calculated if and am on day 2 technically since when I took my last dose. Fully into day 2 I think. I don't crave it or anything. I just want to get better. I feel awful :(
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Ok,then this is all very normal. Day 2-3 are usually the crumiest. This is very good that you're not craving it!! This day will be over soon. Soon you'll look back and this will just be a distant memory. Make sure you're keeping yourself very well hydrated. Stay away from sugar and coffee/caffiene. It will make your anxiety worse.
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It is all normal right now what you are feeling! Not optimal but not atypical.

Krissy offers great advice. The epsom salt baths and exercise (I use that term loosely) really help. I know you literally have to drag yourself out of bed but once you get going it does help.  I also agree with Krissy about limitation of caffeine. I did not do this and I was a shaking anxious mess. I am addicted to caffeine.

I remember brushing my teeth was an accomplishment early on:)
Put on some of your favorite music and try to distract yourself.  
You can do this and keep hanging on!!
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Thanks ladies. I'm starting to get severe restless legs. Feeling lousy. I'm just at the beginning too ;(
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Hey it is going to be okay!!!

The restless leg and arm feeling was my #1 complaint. Some recommend Hylands restless leg. I found again the Epsom salt HOT baths (try the eucalyptus Dr. Teals one) really help this along with activity. Do you have vitamins?
Do not go into this with the thoughts of "I am just at the beginning"…as I know that can be depressive. Say instead I am 2 days further into my new life!! Take it hour by hour as I did. I posted ALL the time. Someone will usually quickly answer you and this is what kept me sane initially.  
Try the bath and keep posting. I posted every crazy thought I had:)
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To echo Tina, You are NOT at the beginning. You are already well into this and the Day 2 will quickly turn into Day 3,4 5,6 and beyond. The great thing about your decision and where you are right now is that you NEVER have to go through minute 1, hour 1, or Day 1 ever again. You are done with it. And you should be proud. You can do this. Withdrawal will not kill you, but turning back might. Just remember, every hour and every day you put behind you, you never have to go through again. You deserve to be free. Keep reading and posting. It is  what got us through and it will save you as well. Stay strong.
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