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Here it is...53 hours clean

Well, I tried like heck to get a week off work, but it wasn't happening anytime soon.  So I took matters into my own hands and jumped Tuesday morning at 5am.  I've worked through the past 2+ days.  I'm kinda shocked at how bad I DON'T feel.  Listen, it's not the best feeling.  I'm low on energy.  Sleep is still fleeting.  Being on my feet for 10 hours is hell with my back.  But I was doing putting it off.  My depression was getting scary bad.  I already feel better emotionally and it hasn't even been 3 days.  What better present could I give my mom and grandmother for the Holiday?  What greater gift could I give my wife, family, friends, and MYSELF?  

I hope this isn't the calm before the storm.  Even if it is, I'm ready.  I think I tapered and suffered long enough though.  I didn't know if I'd ever have the courage to quit.  Now I know I can.  Let me try this sober living thing you all keep talking about:)
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yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! woohoooooo!!!!
that is great news. good for you.
you are going to be just fine.
expect to feel great, positive thoughts. you are doing it.
so proud of you and very happy for you.
now the healing will be complete, each moment that passes.
you had a long, slow taper. definitely was dragging out the detox and withdrawal.
on to a clean and sober life.
you got this.
yes a beautiful gift to all.
did you get rid of all the pills?
peace and healing,
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Great job!!!! Before you know it you'll be 72 hours clean then a week then 2 weeks and so on!! You're doing great. Keep pushing on & know that as you are going through it there are people who are doing the same!

Great accomplishment!!!! Stay strong!!!!!
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AWESOME!!!  Congratulations on improving your life in such a wonderful way!  Do not worry about 'the calm before the storm'.  This is one of those things that if you think about it enough, you will 'make' it happen.  Continue to have your great attitude, think positive thoughts, and do positive things, and don't stop!  Your life is worth evry effort you make! :-D  Blessins - Blu
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Congratulations for having the courage to get started!   It's only the first step and there may be difficult days ahead, but it will be worth it!
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