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Holiday relaspe (keep sponsors numbers close)

I've been dreading the holidays this year, mainly cause in NA I hear about how many do relaspe around this time of the year. I was told if you start thinking "things are good and I can take one for the holidays" to immediatly call sponsor.  We relaspe when times are hard and stressful but we do relaspe when we start thinking we beat the addiction and we can handle one for the holidays. Just an update to be on guard this holiday and to stay strong!!
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Hi Max..........and yes it is true we see a awful lot of relapses around Christmas  the stress of the holidays as well as dealing with extended family  new years eve with all the drinking and partying is stressful  the real key here is to step up the meetings  we have narathons on both holidays in N/A so you can surround yourself with clean people time to reach out and dont isolate.......Gnarly
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I agree with what you've posted MadMax....I've made plans with my N/A family for over the Christmas holidays as well as my immediate family.  I will be chairing the N/A meeting on Wed of this week and the N/A clubhouse will be open all day on Christmas.  
I can feel at certain times of the day, right now, where dope would have definately come into play. Stressed out, wanting to kill all the people in the freakin mall, making sure that everyone is covered and taken care of, etc.... I would be lying if I said that a drink and a pill haven't entered my mind....but, I surround myself now with people that don't use and that helps tremendously. It helps me even more when we help each other!  I love my N/A family because they gave me my immediate family back (if that makes any sense)....But as long as we help one and other...we can do this!  
Hoping everyone has a clean and serene Christmas!
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I agree Max and we usually see a post made up like this by others. SO TRUE!!
For me it is hard because of Family (rip) NOT being here. Most of my loved ones had died during the holiday season or thanksgiving..However, the Church makes me feel at ease because of this time when Christ was born.

Both AA/NA have SO many things going on. Christmas & New Years. Have not been out around New Years for many, many Moons. SO I am looking forward to the AA New Years Eve party. Both AA/NA come  to these. We live in such a small town that we combine these types of parties.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Clean & Sober New Year!!!
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Set yourself up for success.  Find safe healthy activities this holiday season.  Make good choices~
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My NA group is having a x-mas party, so I will be attending that, keeping myself surrounded by clean people seems like a good idea. Hopefully there's a New Years thing cause that's the scary holiday for me, love celebrating New Years so having to watch myself this year.  Let's pray these next two weeks are filled with joy!!
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