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Is moprhine withdrawal easier?

Again...my attempts to quit failed.  I was on day 2.5 of withdrawals and couldn't take it.  I couln't sit still for 1 second, paced my house endlessly for hours...someof you know how it is so I won't go on.  

Funny thing happened.  I ran out of my refill of 10mg hydrocodones early (as usualy) and found about 20 pills of 30mg morphine extended release.  I made those last for a week...and when I saw I had 2 left I decided I would quit again.  I took the last 2 at night (wanting that "one last high/one last time" that I've had dozens of times already) and was so busy the next day I didn't have time to think about buying more or feeling the withdrawal symptoms.  At night after dinner, I laid down to watch a movie and fell asleep...woke up at 3 am to use bathroom and realized I didn't take any morphine that day.  I felt fine for the next day...except for a little tired.

Are morphine and hydrocodone so different that withdrawals from morphine are easier/did they help me through getting off the hydrocodone so I didn't feel any withdrawals?  This absolutly surprised and baffled me.

But this story does not have a happy ending...I refilled when it was due and am back on the hydros.  I'm so dissapointed in myself.

Any help or suggestion are greatly appreciated.

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hi, i  see youve tried to come off before from your home page, im not sure your ready to though, tapering will be very hard for you, going on what you have written there, i really hope you do get off them, tapering or cold turkey, but also you need some aftercare, so you dont keep going around in circles, go to NA,or get some counseling, you need to get your life back,  best wishes, sudie
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Hi StuckANDscared.. The reason maybe that you were preoccupied.. 1/2 of wd is mental and if you have a positive attitude stay busy it is doable.. The Morphine did not help you in your wd. if anything it just dug you deeper. The morphine is timed released so you still had enough in your blood stream. You will find yourself in this position over and over again until you get honest with your Dr. and cancel any refills you may have at the pharmacy.. Life is much sweeter when we are not chained to a pill to function.. Take care. lesa
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I am lost on the question. You went 2-1/2 days with Hydrocodone, then you took Morphine, then you refilled your Hydrocodone and you are taking them now? There is where I am lost about the Morphine question.

Morphine is an opiate so the withdrawal is much the same if that is what you want to know.

So are you wanting to get off of the pills?

Again I apologize, the post is confusing to me.
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