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Lortab/Hydrocododone/Vicodin withdrawl

I've taking Lortab elixir /Hydrocododone liquid -- 10 ml every 4 to 6 hours -- to manage pain from four back surgeries over the past 5+ years.  When I was told recently that the Tylenol on the Lortab was starting to affect my liver, I decided to stop taking all pain medications, a little over 10 days ago.  The first 6 days, I replaced the liquid lortab with 2 Vicodin pills a day, the next two days with one pill a day, and then I stopped cold turkey two days ago.  
All of my side effects remain the same since the first day.  Nothing has changed much; except I cannot sleep due to the restlessness on my legs, arms and hands.  
My doctor prescribed me Clonidine (0.1 ml 3x a day) to help with the sypmtoms and Ambien to go to sleep ans Xanas to settle me dowqn.  Neither medicie has done the job.  HWen I taken, I wak around the house like a drunk zombie, Untel the exhaustion overtakes me.
Do any of you know of any medicines that I can ask my doctor to prescribe me to manage this restlessness and immsonia?   I cannot function like this at work
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there is some research and suggestions in my journal for RLS...restless legs....sleep..i had to work as well and i took ambien in small doses...valerian root, melatonin and otc stuff like tylenol pm work for many...good luck and sleep is important to recovery...especially if u work
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I got Clonidine from my doctor for the first 5 days clean and it helped.  Melatonin helped with the sleeping (OTC), and Ibuprofen.  I also got some Klonopin for the anxiety and it helped some - but it was only for any anxiety that broke through which wasn't much.  Hot showers for the muscle aches or icy hot as orange said - I used the patches myself.  Sometimes I would just stand under the hot (as in turns your skin red) shower for what felt like an hour and just let it run over me.  Really helped.

The Clonidine helped me with the jitters and the cold sweats and the anxiety.  Maybe you need a higher dose?  Sometimes at night, though, I would feel the jitters like that and I would get up and do a few jumping jacks, LOL!
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Well I can tell you what worked for me, but it probably would work for someone that has to go to work everyday.  If you have any vacation time, take 2 weeks and get ya some icyhot and some books.  I withdrawed with nothing other than that off of 100 mg's of oxy a day and xanax.  Be careful with the xanax as withdraws are worse with that ugly stuff.  I took a lot of hot baths and didnt eat much,  As for the sleeping, if you find something shout it out, b/c I just layed there and pretty much cried and rocked for like 3 or 4 nights and it got a little easier.  Its been more than 4 years later and sleep is still an elusive creature sometimes.  It does get a lot better and its good that you reach out and ask questions.  Its just hard for me to help you b/c I really didnt have any other option since I didnt have a dollar to my name at the time.  I'm sure your Dr. can help you out but watch out what he gives you to overcome your first addiction....
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