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Hello all,

I just found this site and appreciate all this info and insite from you all. I was hit by lightning (really) 19yrs ago and have been thru 25+ knock out surguries and countless nerve blocks,cryos and assorted nerve proceedures. I sit here now with a TENS unit pulsing down my leg (kinda strange since my whole problem stems from way too much electric). I have been on multiple drugs for the resulting pain. For the past 5yrs or so I have been taking on average 10-12 Norco 10/350's every day. I flushed them yesterday. Ouch! Well now its day 1 of no pain meds and I fell like crap. I've tried to get off them in the past but the sweats,chills,pain,etc. got too much to bear. This time I pray I can get thru the withdrawl. I have 2 more surguries scheduled for this year. One oral and 1 (I hope) spine fusion. I'm afraid I'll fail again this time since I'm sure to have pain from both surguries and I've got such a tolerance. Could anyone suggest what meds I can use after the surguries that will not start this cycle all over?

I wish everyone trying to get off these drugs the best of luck. God knows we've got a rough road ahead of us.

“Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond the pain.”
Saint Bartholomew

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medic--You should ask your doctor for Toradol but you may need to detox from the norco first. You took the first step to be free of opiates by flushing the pills. I know I did the same thing and it takes a lot of courage. I had a severe back injury and was on oxys 80 mg 3X/day plus 10 mg percs for breakthrough pain. The w/d's are no picnic but after 3-5 days you will feel better. Try to keep yourself busy and time will go by before you know it. I will pray for you and you can do this I did so there is hope---quitin
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Does your doctor know how much you have been taking?  I would talk to him about this and you 2 could come up with a plan when you do have the surgeries.  We have some really good articles in the health pages on wd.  Check it out.        sara

Welcome to the forum also!!!  We are always here to support you so reach out to us.
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Thanks for the insites and encouragement. My doctor knows what I'm on and how long its been. I've had the same doctor for 25 or so yrs. We've tried pretty much every med to ease the pain but the stronger ones made me itch real bad. I've been on one form or another of hydro's for most of the past 19yrs. I'm in for alot. It helps to talk to others about getting off these meds. I know my pain will worsen after but to tell the truth the hydro's were not helping much more than and hour anyway.
Thanks again,

ps my name was given to me by my friends yrs ago because of all the meds the doctors had me on after the lightning strike.
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