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Nicotine Caffeine Alcohol Hydrocodone W/D

So I'm 20 year old male. About 140 lbs and the main part of my question is this: My girlfriend got a script for some lortabs (7.5 mg) for shingles. For the last week or 10 days I've been taking about 25 mgs a day of hydrocodone from them and also increased my alcohol consumption to about 3 or 4 drinks a day for the last ten days or 2 weeks. Today is the first day I'm going without them and I wanted to know if this was enough time for me to feel withdrawals from the hydrocodone and alcohol.

Also I drink about 3 energy drinks a day plus soda for about 2 or 3 years, So I'm also detoxing off caffeine. I quit smoking about six months ago (I smoked a pack a day for about a year) and started taking nicotine gum. Now I'm detoxing off the nicotine as well.

I know what to expect from the nicotine and caffeine withdrawals as I have gone through them before. Personally I get: irritability, cravings, headache, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, even panic attacks

But I was wondering if I was going to feel anything from the alcohol/hydrocodone withdrawals. So far I've felt: nausea, back ache, muscle ache, and headache. Also I'm not sure if the depression/anxiety and insomnia is from the nicotine (I usually get extremely depressed/anxious and have insomnia from quitting smoking or nicotine) or if it's actually from the hydrocodone. Obviously i have an addictive personality and decided to nip the hydrocodone and alcohol in the bud, but granted today at work (washing dishes) I felt like a pile of ****.

Please help. Also do you have any reccomendations if you've gone through nicotine withdrawals before? Should I take some tylenol or something for my back? Is there anything that can help me sleep? I already have insomnia when I'm not withdrawing from anything and I'm afraid I'm starting to lose my mind from lack of and poor sleep.

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Thanks for commenting, I am doing much better now and I think I am pretty much only experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms now. They're helping me out in the smoking forum. I will probably add caffeine back to my life in moderation because it's so mild I think I can handle it but I may just use coffee instead of energy drinks. I think I wasn't experiencing really any symptoms from the hydrocodone other than like a hangover (does that exist?) and a hangover from drinking, but I was using them to help get through the nicotine withdrawal which is recipe for disaster.
This forum as well as the smoking forum help a lot though.
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Hi David - welcome to the forum.

You have alot going on, but you are in the right place.

You indicate that you have been taking the hydrocodone for the last week to 10 days.  If that's all the longer you have been taking them, then you should experience very little withdrawal from them at all, typically one usually needs to take them for about 21 days to really experience any dependence.  The back ache and irritability could be from them, but full withdrawal from hydrocodone usually starts within 6 -12 hours from the last dose.  Runny nose, the craps, and being cold are some other symptoms.

I was never really a smoker, so I can't comment too much on the nicotine withdrawal, but from friends who have quit, the irritability and anxiety are usually ones that they complain about.  

On the alcohol - you are young, so it is good that you realize that you may have an addictive personality - so congratulations for acting now before you really get into a bad place.  Quitting such a combination of everything at once can be a challenge, but what the heck.  I can't handle the energy drinks - that would sent me through the roof, but the main symptom you would suffer there would be headache from lack of caffeine.  Take some ibuprofen for the back ache and headache, that should do you just fine.

Best of luck - keep posting and let us know how you are doing.  Take Care
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