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Yes you can. Why?
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Yep, you can... in all fairness, Ativan will be help him with the w/d, but he shouldn't be abusing it. If you think he is, ask him politely to hold his pills and dispense them to him. Ativan is a benzo, like Xanax and Valium, and it has it's own set of w/d symptoms, but in low doses it's safe (my opinion) for him to take during w/d. For Ativan, by low dose I mean up to about 1 mg daily.
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PLZ first of try to relax a bit :) yes you can is this what you think he is doing
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because i think he may be doing that now.....sigh.............

do u get high from snorting ativan? if it is like xanax then wouldnt it be like a sowner? the complete opposite of oxy?

im just so upset.  

what if he is addicted to snorting. period.  

i dont understand this desire to snort sh*t.  i am sorry.  

thank you all for ur kindess and help.  im so stuck. i love him. so much.  and i love this website because it is annoymous and i can vent and get information......u are so sweet and helpful.  all of u are.

now, what the f is the point in snorting ativan?  why do that?
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Snorting period spikes the buzz, meaning it works 10x faster.  And yes, he can be addicted to snorting.  Snorting is harder to stop than taking pills.

And yes he would get a downer effect from ativan.

Back in my day, I used about 20 lortabs daily.  I would only take about 5 pills through out the day, then come early afternoon the snorting would begin.  I much prefered to snort than to takel.
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did u ever snort oc?

how long does that high last?

why is it harder to quit pills if u snort them vs orally?

why did u snort xannbars? (i think u said u did)....if u dont get high from it, why not just tak it by mouth
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I tried to explain this to you, but you don't understand it sweetie because you have never felt the high it gives you. By snorting the meds, they go straight to the brain and you feel it instantly. Just like shooting up. I could never understand how people could snort something either, but when I first tried coke I instantly understood. So he is doing not to disgust you but to reach that high quicker and more intensly.
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and he isn't addicted to snorting. He is addicted to the pills. He is just getting the high faster doing it that way.
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I'll answer your questions.

No, I've never snorted OXY.  I've never even taken one.  Maybe because no one ever introduced me to one?  Good thing!  Hydrocodone was my drug of choice.

Like cigarettes.  Do you smoke menthol or regular?

It's hard for me to tell you how long the high lasts.  I would have cravings for more in only about 20 minutes.  Not that the old buzz was gone, just wanted to keep it up.

Kinda like drinking beer.

When I crushed up a pill, I never snorted the whole thing.  Maybe 1/3, then save the rest for later.  That was enough at a time for me.  But I believe some people snort the whole thing.  So I guess I'm saying that a pill would last me about an hour w/3 bumps.

If you quit snorting and just take the pills, you don't get the same high.  Never as high and never as quick and you have to do more pills to try to get there, but you don't.  So why would an addict settle for that?  We take drugs (which ever way) to always try to achieve that same good high.  

No, it wasn't me that said I snorted xanbars.  I may have said that people do it.  I've seen it.  But not my high.  It's a downer, and I liked uppers.  But to answer your question, you snort xanbars if you like the way it hits the brain for fast and so hard.  Just taking them would never make you feel like that if you've snorted them for awhile.

But I'm not sure.  Any one out here disagree?  Please write this lady.  She's trying real hard to understand why her man is doing this.

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ok im sorry if i annoy u or any of you.  im just so trying to understand......stupid me all this time--im thinking  "oh, poor baby......his stomach hurts.....i dont wanna see him in pain"........but if he is snorting them then that doesnt have sh*t to do with pain. that is wanting to get high. quicker and faster and more powerful. stupid me no more.  now that i have friends on here that can help me and answer me things...........before, i could only go by his words.

he does say he wants help.

but yesterday, ok, i left work early to take him to a methadone clinic....(i know its bad but at least it was  a start).  we freaking go in the clinic and he says "no, im leaving".  well im sitting there with our 3.5 month old son....dumb founded......so i pack up the stuff......go outside to the car and start crying.  im like "seriously ____"  WTF!

he said "i dont want my son in there like this"

so, we left.

and i cried home,.

i know he wants help. i guess. i dont know.

and please understand i am supportive of this even tho i dont get it.  I PAID for the suboxone outpatient treatment before.  I worked 3 jobs....pregnant.....and paid for that.  $400 a week.  I encouraged him daily of how proud i was he was clean.  i begged him not to answer the phone when those ppl with the pills would call.  or else i wouldnt tell him that the person called.   i paid for this twice.  it worked but i couldnt afford it.  

i, also, am doing the best i can.  i so badly want him to never want that again.  i want him to just be addicted to his son.  and me.  and our family.  but that just cant happpen so then i have to decide what is best for me.  

iv never loved someone so much. there is nothing i wouldnt do for him.

i have tried and been supportive and even paid.
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thank u :)  thank u for ur understanding and patience and kindness.

what is lortab
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Sweetie, I swear you are NOT annoying me. You aren't. I just want to stress to you the importance of sounding like you are supportive or looking down on addicts. I believe that you are supporting him. I believe you want to help him and see him get clean, and the only way that will happen is if he knows he can turn to you, if no one else. And see that you are there, no matter what. Don't make him feel like he is some piece of garbage because he is snorting and abusing. Not that I am saying you are..just don't say things to him like you can't believe he is snorting.

Trust me, he isn't doing it for any reason, other then the fact that he is stone cold addicted. He is searching for that high and trying to keep from w./d.

Now, I actually agree with him and I am glad that you left. One, because he is right, that place is NO place for your son. Which I also didn't know you had with him. And two, becuase if you let him start the methadone you are introducing your family to an entirely new addiction. One that is 10xs harder to break then the one he has now. Trust me. Be happy you left. Thank god that you left.

He should get back on the Sub treatment. 400.00 is alot. Do you have insurance? If you do, get the script in your name. It will be cheaper. For me, I have state insurance and when I started the sub I paid 75.00 a week for the dr. and 3 for the script. SO I paid 78 a week. I only stayed on it for 3 weeks though.

Anyway, if people would give the sub a change they would see it will work wonders and you will start to feel better instantly and have a better outlook on quitting. Now, its just as hard to w.d from if not harder if he stays on it long, but maybe in his case a long term treatment might be what he needs. It will keep him from using.

Well, I am here if you need advice. And again, I wasn't saying you annoy me, you don't. I like you and you show how much you care for him. I just want you to understand that even though he is using to get high and not for pain, he is an addict, and in no way "trying" to hurt you. He is not in his right mind and needs support to get the help he needs. If you want him back, support him. In everything. Let him know you are there to help no matter how high the hurdle. The benefit will be him getting clean...good luck...

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