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I see a lot of questions with people asking how bad will their WD's be or how much millegrams is a big addiction. I was just wondering from those of you that made it through the fog, how big was your battle? For me, its been several battles but usually I was around 40MG a day of Lortabs, Percs or Vikes. I had been up to as much as 100MG of Roxi/Oxy but I weened to 10MG of Methadone. All the times the physicals were not that bad but I might be able to contribute that to the amount of the addiction. Of course the larger the dosage the worse the WD's will be. With that said, the mental battle has always been awful and I ended up always saying, you barely went through WD's you were NOT that addicted. Its ok to take ne you are clean now.......Now I know its not Ok.
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That's really a tough question to answer, because after all, an addict is an addict is an addict. They teach/tell you in 'treatment' not to compare war-stories, because there's always someone that's going to "one up" you and have done worse, or more, or been more hard-core, etc, and they don't want you to go thinking that you're any less of an addict because you're not as bad off as they are.

I hear what you're saying though, and trust me, I've had the same thought many a time. "Well, since I only did 20mg's/day, and 'so&so' did 60mg's/day, then 'so&so' is THREE-TIMES the addict that I am!"

In reality, what I've been told/taught, is that we're all addicts, no matter how much or how little we did to find our way to the ocean, we all ended up in the same boat.
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Oh I agree and dont mean it like that. I meant it to give some that are about to go through the detox to know what someone else at their milligram went through. It might help them from having to post that question of what will it be like at my dosage. The truth is we dont know! Each person is different and pain to one may not be pain to another. I have never broke a bone...knock on wood, and dont bruise easily so I can take pain and maybe that is why the physicals dont hurt.
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