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Please Help With A Tapering Question

I'm currently trying to help a relative taper off of Oxycodone 80/625.  She was taking 160 (2)/day and over a two week period is successfully down to 80 (1)/day. I don't know much about these, but from what I (think) I understand, aren't they time released??? She wants to go down to 40 (1/2) /day BUT my concern is  - if these are time released, and the pill is broken in half then isn't the potency increased - no longer time released? Is it more like taking a bunch of pills at one time? I have been holding her pills and am reluctant to do any drop until I understand what we are doing. Thanks for any input.
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I think it's oxycontin...not oxycodone,right?

No,don't break them in half. You're right about that...

I don't know what to tell you about this. 80 is 80... Can she call her doctor and get the rx decreased to 40 mg or even 20 mg. That would be workable for her. Is she having any withdrawals from the decrease so far?
The only other thing would be to take 80mg every other day..
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The package says oxycodone 80 (OC 80)

Anyway - yes withdrawals were definitely part of her life. It has been almost two weeks since the drop and is doing better. I'm not sure if getting another prescription is a possibility at this point, but I appreciate your input  - definitely concerned about breaking the pills... If we can try the "every-other-day option", it seems like it would be reasonable to CT once she stabilizes from this...  Thanks again!
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