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Preparing for perk self-detox

I am preparing to detox from perks at home on 9/29 and was wondering if I would need to be "watched" 24/7 by a friend or family member.  I've been told that your vitals should be monitored and was wondering if it's really that serious...
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hi and welcome to the forum......its always a good idea to have someone around wile your detoxing...my wife was a huge support wile I was going threw it..it can be done alone but since your planing in advance it would be good to have someone there with you to lend some comfort...as for mentoring your vital signs ....unless something is wrong with you health wise you should be just fine...blood pressure normally goes up during this time
it would be great if you could get your doctor on board and have them right you a script for clonadine...its an old fashion B/P med that helps a lot with the withdrawal symptoms
look up the thomas recipe on the right hand side of the screen and pick up the stuff suggested keep reading the post so you know what to expect and keep posting for support...also remind us when you make the final jump we want to be there for you
good luck and God bless......Gnarly      
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It would help us to know a bit about your addiction. How long have you been taking them, how much per dose/per day?
  As far as needing someone to watch you...probably not. Unless you are on huge doses or have medical issues that could cause problems.
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I went coldturkey off Percs and I didn't need any of that, I began feeling better by day 7. It all depends on how much you're coming off of too, I was taking 5-10 10mg a day plus Vicoprofen.
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