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Risks of Creatine use

Can you answer for me some of the risks of creatine use?  I have a 15 year old son who is interested in trying this, along with weight lifting.  Please let us know the side effects/if any and/or the risks of this.
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Creatine is not a drug and is not known to be harmful in short term or long term use. If used correctly, in most people, a notice increase in strength is noticed. Some forms of creatine have caused diarrhea and cramping in some people. A 15 year old shouldnt worry about using creatine yet. He should focus on learning how to lift properly and eat right geared towards building strength and size. Once he has built a good foundation(at least a couple years of consistant training) then maybe creatine could give him an extra boost. I have been a personal trainer for 10 years by the way. I have been using creatine for many years with no known negative effects. If he were to go behind your back and use it, it would hurt anything but it really isnt nessesary. Hope this helps;)
You are totally wrong.  I am the parent of a young adult who takes this crap (not in larges doses either)   His adrenal's are shot and his iron level went to 15.  We got it corrected but he went back on it.   He is addicted to sugar and yes, he drinks tons of water all the time.  
If you don't know what your talking about then please shut-up
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Creatine can lead to dehydration. So you must increase fluids. I agree about the age thing. L-Glutamine might be a better choice. Still helps build muscle, regulates blood sugar and can be used long term.
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Well I stand corrected. New studies show creatine to be ralatively harmless. Dehydration if any is from the muscles taking on more water. I still think that a 15 year old doesn't need it.
You’re crazy telling the public creatine is harmless & not addictive-my son becomes extremely violent on creatine, all types including monohydrate. Even look his direction when he’s on it he’ll fly off the handle & shove or hit or dangerously throw something at you & claims he is addicted & cannot stop. He was vibrant, healthy, now exhausted, dark, deeply depressed & visibly drained in the face. He now has high blood pressure issues & at 24-years old was told by an MD she has never seen a 24-year old at the high end of blood pressure like this before-I am the parent-I knew this person before & after this garbage & it has been noted in kidney failure in multiple soccer players on the same professional team, liver sclerosis & actually caused muscle WEAKNESS in my son-he was naturally a very strong kid-now a drained burnt out shriveled up 26 year old with an exhausted, dark body, face & mind. Yes, it’s all he chases. Adrenal exhaustion. Yes, he has serious adrenal exhaustion & some weekends will not get out of bed the entire weekend. This crap is dangerous, destroys all joy.
I meant you’re crazy for telling people it’s “not” addicting & harmful, it absolutely is
think they posted this in 2008 so long gone but your warnings are heard.  This happened to your son?  Wow.  That's scary.  Has to hurt your mother's heart to see him in the throes of that.  Did he get real help for it?
nightofstars I am so sorry that your son went through that. As mombojombo pointed out that post was over 11 years ago. This is a forum that does it's best to help people and tries not to mislead them. Since you posted under my post, I would like to point out that I didn't say anything about it not being addictive and I said it was "relatively" harmless. There will always be some that react negatively to almost any substance, even foods people can react violently to. I hope your son finds the correct treatment for what his body needs.  
Thanks for coming back GoingToMakeIt.  It gets confusing for who says what, right?  How are you doing?  Hoping very well.  
I am doing quite well, thank you. I am truly free from all drugs, even prescription drugs. I owe a great deal of debt to God and this forum.
Really love hearing that.  Stay in touch!  
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