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Withdrawal every other week?

I have never posted before to this site.. my doctor was prescribing me 30 vicodins a month originally, but I have a pinched nerve in my neck and he has upped my rx to 30 every 2 weeks for the past several months. I find myself always counting the days to my next scrip because I really liked the floaty feeling so I usually blow through 30 in the first 6 days, then nothing for the next 7 until I get my next fill.. I have been getting very nauseous a couple times a month for a while now and only just recently thought it might just be withdrawals.. I thought I would be OK doing one week on and one week off, but I am wondering if anyone else out there has had this experience? I think I didn't want to believe that it was the vics but NOTHING will help the nausea I am experiencing 2 weeks out of the month. It's like being carsick all the time, or having morning sickness. Not fun.. just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
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you are addicted to them you are taking them for the floating feeling and you are running out a week early .If I were you I would stop now look into some recovery care .If you keep going the way you are you are going to have a very big problem take care of it now . good luck let us know how you are doing.
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Stop self medicating. You by your own admission are taking them because you like the floaty feeling. Stop while you still can. Just because you only take them for a week does not mean it no big deal. You are taking a fair amount and that's what's getting you. Soon you won't be going to make it till the next week and you will seek them any way you can. Believe me you are playing with fire. Please stop while you can. The other option is jail or death. Your choice.
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Soon those 30 will be gone in a day or two.  As your tolerance builds up it will take more and more to get that same feeling.  Quit now the road you are going down omly gets worse.  Been there!
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