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Don't know What I should do first, throw up or well ya'll know.  Think I should get a bucket instead lol. (not really)  I keep telling myself if I can just get through the peak of the wd then I will make it.  Anyway I have to make it cuz pills are already down the toilet.  It has to get better. I know it has to Jay... it has to ;)
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Thats right Jay it DOES get better. Just hang tough and keep fighting the good fight! You can do this
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Thanks Katrina81.  I so sleepy but I figure if I stay up long enough I'll eventually knock out.  It's just the fire skin is so bad.  Bath after bath... I should put a T.V. in there or get some rubber duckies or something lol. JK
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I felt the same way a few days ago. I literally took a trash can to the toilet with me though ;) It was that bad. But hang in there buddy, it WILL get better and better!
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Same to you ;)
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