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anbody have any advice for me???

hello, im a little new at this, but for around 2 yrs I was taking methadone no more then 10 mgs per day. I started weening myself down (I cut the pill into 4 small pieces) & only took a small piece a day. my last dose was 16 days ago. but to help with the run down feeling I started taking vicodin at the most 3 a day (5/500) & only for 2 weeks. my last dose of the v's was 3 days ago (only took 2) & overall I feel pretty good. just a little tired/run down, some sneezing, some yawning, & some light stomach issues here & there. I was expecting to feel the full effects by now, or has it just not hit me yet? thanks for reading this. will somebody please tell me what you think? it would mean a lot. thanks again..
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Hello Sammy,  We have some people on this site who are experienced with methadone, they're just not on here right now. I just wanted to lend my support and congratulate you on your efforts to free yourself. You've come a long way. From what I've seen and read on here you have some more WD to go yet. I'm sure you'll hear from others from the forum.

Do you have the items from the Thomas Recipe in the lower right of this page. If not, pick those items up and follow the directions. Sleep will be at a premium so use hot baths w/Epsome Salts to help you relax. Pick up some natural supplements for sleep and anxiety, like Valerian root, Hyland's Calms Forte and Alteril for sleep.

Begin to look into aftercare. Getting clean is the physical part, staying clean is the mental part. In recovery we work on the thinking that got us deep into our addictions. I go to NA.

I wish you the best of luck. From what I've seen from you so far, I know you're going to do this. You have what it takes: Willingness!
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Hey Sammy, Welcome and a Big Congrats on your 3 days. Way to taper! Really well-designed. Luckily you were on a low dose and made sure that you put some time between you and the Methadone. Really important - so that it can leach out of your tissues.

As OpenMind24Hours, above, mentions - the mental part is yet to come. This is the real test. How not to reach for something to chemically mediate your mood when things get uncomfortable! What are your thoughts on this?
You're doing a great job. Stick with it and use this site. It's an incredible resource. All good things to you.
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thank you both for responding. I have been taking Epsom salt baths to help relax. I do have Xanax (from the dr.) & I went out & got imodium ,pepto, & gatoriad just incase. I honestly have no way of getting anymore pills from anybody, I deleted them before I was even done w/ my last dose. I have a young child who keeps me busy so that helps. right now its the morning of day 4 & I feel great (so far lol). thanks again & hope to hear from somebody soon! :)
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Hey Sammy, Sounds like you're doing all the right things.
Do you take Xanax regularly or is it a detox 'comfort' med? I just wanted to give you a heads up that it's the hardest benzo to come off of. It can cause rebound anxiety, etc. I used benzos for a little over two mos. coming off of 20 years of Methadone and when I dropped them - (as I noticed tolerance building) - that's when the true sleepless hell began. So, since you've done such a great job with the taper it would truly be a shame to have to face what I did somewhere down the line! What are your thoughts on this?
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I have been on Xanax for 6 yrs for anxiety/panic attack issues. i don't take more than i should of those (2 a day). i am 30 yrs old & just want to enjoy life. im so done with being on pills. at first it was just the best feeling to take a pill & feel "good" but then i was taking them to not get sick. i know that this is just the beginning & im doing what i can to help prepare myself mentally for what is to come. but i can honestly say i have no cravings for them at all. is that normal at this point?
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I would also like to add that I started w/ the Xanax right after I lost my father (that brought on the panic/anxiety issues) I am prescribed 2 a day but sometimes don't even take 2. & I wanted to be rid of those also but then I lost my younger sister 3 months ago & then my mom 3 weeks ago, so that brought some added anxiety & stress. I will eventually get off of them too. but right now my main concern is staying focused on what im doing now. I am determined to be over my pill addiction once & for all. I am a strong willed person so I know that I can do this! & all of your comments really help. :)
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