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anyone else??

i will be five years sober, on december 9th, from vicodin and percocet.

ever since i have been off the pills, i have formed VAST fears of medications of any kind. on top of that, i was also been diagnosed with severe panic disorder [bad panic attacks] and a spectrum of OCD with my irrational thoughts, as they call it.

since i've been diagnosed with panic disorder, i have not been back to the doctor. again, this was three years ago. i am wondering if anyone else has experienced this....where they get off of pills [and have nO desire to ever go back to them] and started having panic attacks and such. since i got off of the pain pills, i have yet to even take anything OTC for pain, headaches, back aches.....you name it. i am afraid of even vitamins, for fear that i will have an adverse reaction to those, too.

your words would help, if you have any experience with this at all. thanks in advance.
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I had panic attacks prior to quitting vicodin.  I just wanted to jump on to offer support and prayers to you!
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thanks so much for the kind words. i am more leaning toward seeing if anyone has aquired panic//anxiety attacks from getting off of medication. :-/
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Hi, i suffered tremendous anxiety and panic attacks coming off subutex.
It boomed around 2-4 months clean but then slowly let up around the 5 month mark.
I really dont think vitamins, panadol or nurofen will intensify panic attacks at all, i know your worried and scared of this happening but at least talk to the professionals at your local drug store and see what they suggest.
Sometimes a pharmacist is better at understanding your needs than a doctor because they know the ingredients inside and out of medicine. And their recommendations for a good over the counter med to help you is almost always on the money.
I took Rescue Remedy for anxiety and it was fantastic for me, just a extracted flower oral spray.
Good luck, hang in there : )
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I also have OCD and have since i was about 6 yrs old. Effexor worked completely for my OCD, but didnt help my anxiety.
Im now tapering off it.
A doctor did recommend Cipramil for extreme anxiety and said its great for actually doing what its meant to, but im staying off all meds after my taper to see how i go.
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Hey there- I can totally relate to this.
I didn't have panic attacks per say but I developed SUCH an aversion to taking pills after I got clean that I wouldn't take anything for months.  I ended up getting all my vitamins in liquid or powdered form because the act of swallowing pills made me nauseous.
I got over it the further I got into my recovery.
Now I take like, 30 different pills a day (mainly vitamins and supplements) I HATE it because it's a pain trying to remember it all and travelling is a bi*ch.  What kind of aftercare are you engaged in?
5 years is a tremendous achievement and I really hope you get some support.  I think counselling would really benefit you.
Please keep posting.
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thanks all. im basically scared of everything
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