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it has aslways seemed to me whenever i used everything in my life would go wrong, when i used  i would get flat tires every week.
when i used i got arrested at least 50 times' for things that i was not even part of doing.
i think they call it murphy's law , well it always had a strangle hold on my life ,whenever i  did drugs.
I somtimes thought it was my father praying for me, so i
would say to him stop praying for me , i crashed my car,
lost my job and broke my ankle  that week.

there is the other side of this story, once i started on the
road of staying clean the oppisite happened, everythin that could go right did, instead of spending my money on drugs,
and buying 5 dollar tires at the junk yard  i, bought sears steel belted raidels and never got a flat agian.
i never got arrested agian, inever lost my job agian,
i got custdy of my kids, ect, ece,
when i got clean and went to meetings it was like i was invisible
to the cops, and invisible to bad things coming my way.

i am writing this because  cincee posted that the only na meeting she could find was i the bad lands,in her town
and she would not go there unarmed, well my experence
has always been ,whenever we make that effort or surrender to
go to meetings , we seem to be invisible to trouble.
i grew up in the bad lands in philly so i understand her concern.
when ever i went back to the badlands to start meetings
or attend them i was a little leary but nothing ever happened.
CINCEE -call the na hotlone and ask , there are a lot of meetings not listed , talk to smeone sbout ,in your area.
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I think you hit on a crucial point--accaptance..  It seems like there's always a sliver of denial lurking in the wings; as if it's possible (or even nicer) to think of oneself as "pretty much a drug addict, but not TOTAL, don't cha see..."  But that doesn't account for the fact that I am skeptical about the Promises.  I do service work--I've led tons of meetings and made coffee/ran shopping errands/brought treats to my home group meetings.  That's where I met my sponsor and all the attendees know me very well. They are wonderful to me--I feel safest when I'm there, and know that out of all the people in my life, these people REALLY DO care about me or will do anything if I have a problem.  And I relish that.  Since I went back to work I don't make as many meetings--usually a couple a week, plus once w/ my professional group (which is just like a meeting) and twice a month w/ my drug counselor.  So I try to be involved.  I think I should just be PATIENT.  How can I expect that, after all my years of drug abuse (3-4) that my head will get straightened out in a few months??  See--I can be lucid at times!!LOL  Thanks for your wise words------Peaz
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Will,you be my friend?Please pick me for your team? lol im in a fog,forgot how you said you were doing today......oh yeah not at your best huh?It will get better!It has too.i hope your day gets better.

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Day 8.  Doing well physically -- somewhat overwhelmed with work.  But, despite moments where I have to literally stop and "just breath," at least I'm taking bites out of *this* elephant.  No doubt better than feeding it with a stress-free-hydro-smile that allows work to be blissfully ignored.

Finally got some L-Tyrosine late yesteray -  seems to make a big difference.

Reading all posts and taking alot from them, but suspect I will be adding little myself today.

Wishing well for all,

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Actually, I'm doing well today.  I had an "off" day yesterday, but am feelin' pretty chipper today.  ("I got a peazful, easy feelin'".....Eagles)  (That's for you, Jess)  Anywho--I got my workout in so my endorphins have kicked in.  I meet w/ my professional group later today so I'm looking forward to that.  We've been together for a long time, and almost feel like family.  It's kinda like an AA meeting, but more psychological, I guess. It gives me hope to see that there are addicts like me who overcome the adversity and go on to get their jobs and lives back and are HAPPY!!  I always feel like a million bucks when I leave there.  
Didn't you make a comment about a dental app't and a shrink today?  Do you like your therapist?  Do you find it helpful?  My first counselor was okay, but I felt we were kinda "hedging" and not really DELVING into **** that I needed to resolve.  So I switched, and have learned more about myself in the past two months than I did in seven months w/ the former one.   You have a great attitude and demeanor,kiddo--it's always uplifting to read your posts.  So yeah, you can be on my team.......L0L  Peaz
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Hey, I wanna play, too.
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Ok ,you made the team lol just don't kick me off when I wont play fair.......And dont forget to hide the good china!

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