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detox perx

well I have bad pain and arthtis in lower lumbar..now my advange plan Medicare may not help with a pain docter..im on 3 perx 10/325..when im on them. I don't feel much.im sure I stop them the pain will be bad. Been on these 5 yrs..

prior to these I was on methadone high does 160 mgs..I weaned myself down to 20 mgs jumped of.OMG,OMG 3 weeks sick chilled to the bone..im also on 4 mgs a day of Xanax been on Xanax 10 yrs perx 5 yrs..

ok if I cant see my pain doc what to do but wean these down..I wanted to try like 10mgs a day less for 1 week. Then  0.5 a day for 10 days. Then hold the remainder 15 mgs 7 days. Then  drop 0.5  for 7 days. Then the last week drop the other 10mgs....I get 90 a month.so I can spread it out as prn cuz I will have them..  I don't know any other way..I cant tramadol due to other bipolar meds..

I did the methadone in 08 from 20mgs like I said was BAD!! but as soon as I went threw it.they wanted me to start the perx...any way I go im going to feel it I know this. Or is weaning even worth it??? or just drop off the whole 30mgs?? I do have meds that will knock me out.melontin serquil 75 ir maybe I at least sleep some..I rember when I stopped the methadone..lol I didn't think it was that bad. The 4TH DAY came omg was in the pits of hell so to speak..

please input                                THANKS
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Hi Jimgreg.

It looks like you have been on this site for awhile here.
As you know we can not give a taper plan, but I can tell you to let your Brain & Body adjust to each drop. The thing is to build up a good immune system, so you will be healthy enough to go threw a w/d. Pick up all the things that we have suggest for yrs on here. Drinks lots of fluids right now and mostly water to help rid these toxins. I would just take it slow and easy..However, you can get down some more and jump!

I too, had gone through a hydo/oxy w/d, but nothing like my Methadone w/d. The Methadone w/ds went on & on more then the other short lived ones. If you jumped off that, then YOU can do this one.

Stick around for Support and we sure will help you get through this. I wish you the best. You can also find out what others take for Pain instead of pain pills.
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