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heroin addict,shortness of breath, urge to urinate

I really need advice. I am a heroin addict, and am trying so very much to get clean. I got clean recently for two weeks, but made the mistake of relapsing. For some reason your brain forgets the pain and suffering uve put behind you and still craves the drug no matter how horible it is. basically my problem is this. I cant breath. I have apparently developed asthma...it comes and goes. Sometimes when I get high it is better, sometimes it gets worse. I dont understand...

as for right now Im basically experiencing that when I start to come down or detox or withdrawal i get bad shortness of breath...Like i cant walk three feet without having to stop. I believe i may be experiencing panic attacks as well...its all so very intense. If i tstart to think im going to be short of breath, or if I start to notice that "hey im walking fine" then all of a sudden, I cant breathe...when this happens it is ALWAYS accompanied with a suden intense urge to urinate. At work if I take out the garbage, and even if  its a fairly light bag of garbage, everytime i lift the bag into the dumpster...I suddenly cant breathe and need to pee. I have a hard time breathing and get the urination feeling wtih backpacks as well...

I really am frustrated....I take more drugs because I cant stand it...I try to take less drugs, and the same thing still happens...someitmes I think maybe im extremely dehydrated from the heroin and whatnot, and maybe drinking more water will help..I have read that asthma can be cause by chronic dehdration and  hat makes a little sense because i neglect myself of water a lot of the time...

i know this is a lot, and i am afraid its not evenough to say what i really want to get across, Im just hoping someone will understand what I am trying to say and maybe someone has experienced it as well...all in all i know i need to get clean, and i really want to...but my everyday living and working cannot stop..i live alne and have nobody to rely on buti myself so i amjust looking for advice...answers. thank you
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Are you smoking the herion? My little brother was and his lungs are so so very messed up from it. You definitely need to see a doctor asap I can tell you how many times I've found my little brother so out of breath he couldn't call 911 himself but really needed to, I'll had to call them countless times for him or he will text my mom to have her call. He has been hospitalized so many times over this, when its not taking care of your lungs very weak getting infections and a lot of other bad stuff. Please go to the doctor the longer you wait the harder it will be to get it taken care of. My brothers lungs are destroyed now and he's only 25 it's so sad and he's never even smoked a cigarette! The doctors say he has the lungs of a 70 year old hardcore smoker!
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My best friend's daughter is detoxing from a pretty nasty heroin habit.  She too, has developed asthma.

The peeing thing:   When you are on a lot of opiates, the need to urinate gets screwed up.  You want to go but can't.   When you're detoxing, your body is still trying to stabilize, so the need to go can be increased, or decrease...it is going to take many weeks, even a month or two, before you stabilize.

That being said:  YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR!   Restrictive airway disease (basically asthma) is serious stuff.      Go to a doctor,  go to SOMEONE, or if you can do rehab, do that.  

I'm not a doctor, and I'm a bit uncomfortable with what I even wrote in the first paragraph of this response.   You must, must, must see a medical professional and get your lungs checked out.    Please do it right away...you have your whole life ahead of you.

One more thing: tell the doctor everything.  They aren't there to judge, and you wont' be the first person telling your story.  

Good luck to you sweetie...post again, please!

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Just saw your post & wanted to quickly offer advice.  Hopefully
others will follow.  It really sounds like you need to be medically
checked out.  Not being able to breath is too serious to try to
figure out yourself.
You really need to get looked at by a medical professional.
Please post about what you do.  
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