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how much longer? Am I almost there yet?

My addiction is not as bad as a lot of the others I've been reading about. 5-15 mg percs per day on and off for 13 months. I can not imagine the pain that so many others are going through who had used more for longer.

I went cold turkey 5 days, 16 hours, and 45 minutes ago. So many nasty withdrawals. Can not decide which is worse- the depression or the headaches? Guess I will go with depression during the day and headaches at night. Don't get me started...  

So I am reading through these posts and wondering what I have to look forward to? I understand it takes time for for our bodies to start naturally reproducing the chemicals we need to feel better. I was hoping 3 or 4 weeks would do it, but was surprised to read on a couple of posts that the process can take months. I gotta say - I am counting minutes here. Hard to imagine this taking months.

Can anyone tell me what their exp was after the 3-4 week mark? Good news only, please. (just kidding)
Thanks for listening and thanks for the support.

5 days, 16 hours, and 50 minutes (and counting!!!)
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After about a month I was pretty much aok.  

But at that point, I was exercising (pretty intense cardio) for 30-40 min a day and I had found the right mixture of supplements that worked for me.  (Green soy vitamin shake made w/ almond milk, osteo bi-flex, msm and St. John's Wort.)

I still have sleep issues BUT ... I've had sleep issues for years and doubt it has anything to do with opiates, or lack thereof.  But nothing like the first several days of withdrawls where I didn't sleep at all.  

I will say this:  I feel better, younger and more alive than I've felt in years.  (I'm 100+ days clean at this point.)
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Hi I am pretty much right with Holly.The exercise the clean time etc.The exercise is all important with this pill addiction because it jumpstarts production of the endorphins we need to feel better.I was using way more oxy than you were and I was alot better at 30 days.
I think you will be better alot sooner than you think.Just be careful not to go back to the pills. Merry xmas
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I am 39 days off Vicodin and feeling pretty good.  The depression is normal from what I've read on other posts.  I'm already on Lexapro and Zanax so depression was not an issue for me.  Just remember everyone is different when it comes to depression and sleep.  I have been sleeping 8 hrs every night since stopping those stupid Vicodin, I used to only sleep maybe 4 hrs before.  I do get headaches but not everyday.  Never had them before.  My pain level is down and my energy is almost 100%.  Just don't try to over do it, take one day at a time.  I take care of my 14 month old grand daughter so she keeps me busy, but it has helped me to keep my mind active and me active!  I also have a lot of support from my husband and kids.  You will feel better, trust me.  I do not miss those pills and I have no cravings for them.  I hope this gives you encouragement to continue on your quest to stay off the pills.  Have a Merry Christmas!
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First of all-Congratulations on five days!  The first five are definitely the hardest.  Myself I am 17 days off of opiates and feeling much better and stronger every day.  I have no symptoms of depression-in fact I feel way happier and more connected than I ever did on opiates.  My pain levels are normalizing...my pain is there but manageable with exercise, diet, massage, lots of hot baths and saunas.  I'm still very sleep deprived and that is what challenges me the most as my body has not had time to restore itself since detoxing.  Everyone is different.  Be kind and patient with yourself-and just stay in the moment...Keep taking it one moment at a time-and post whenever you need to....Merry Christmas....Lu
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Thanks all for the advice and encouragement. Reading through these posts is very inspiring.

I'll start taking some vitamins today. Don't think I will be able to exercise for a bit, nothing intense anyway. Kinda hard to get motivated to do much of anything, but I guess that will come with time.

One day at a time, right?

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exactly...one day at a time.  But even if you can force yourself out side and around the block-it releases the natural endorphins that your brain is so starved for right now...Instant mood booster.  I felt about a hundred years old when I started walking on day 4-but it really helped.  I just bundled up and marched like my life depended on it.  The vitamins really do help to-especially B6 and B12 and C and magnesium, potassium.  Your body is starved for nutrients both from drug use and detox.  I had crappy vitamins to begin with but went to the healthfood store and asked for help and they make a HUGE difference.  You have to force the motivation thing-it's the only way to heal your brain.  Good work...Keep going....Keep posting....Lu
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Force yourself to get out, into the sun and at least walk ... it will help you tremendously!  Pinky swear.

I'm a HUGE fan of St. John's Wort to stave off depression ... but it does take a while to kick in.  So if SJW is at all a possibility for you, start taking it asap.

AND ... I love love LOVE Alive Whole Food Energizer Shake.  You can find it at Walgreens - it's about $30 a can BUT you can also get it for pretty much 1/2 the price by ordering from Amazon.  (It's the green shake I spoke of above.)  One scoop, 1 cup of almond milk, small banana, couple of ice cube in the blender and voila ... you can drink your vitamins.  (Much easier for your body to absorb liquids/powder vs hard, chalky vitamins.)  I can't say enough good things about it.

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Oh, and FWIW, at my worst, I was taking 14-20 vics a day PLUS dilaudid.  
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For me motivation always followed action,not the other way around.
I would start with some short walks.Don't walk too far if you feel really bad because you may not have the energy to get back.Good luck to you
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I WAY taking100-150mg of hydrocodone a day as well as xanax,soma,fironol.After a month of the hydros I was feeling100times better.The amount,le.length of time and type of opiate makes a huge difference n recovery time.I had underlying issues of depression(take cymbalta).I think truelly u will start2notice a big change by day7.
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Merry Christmas, and a Happy Chanukah to everyone. I am on day 7, and I was starting to feel a lot better during the day, but I had a really rough night ktdp.

I believe the last time I went through withdrwals I really turned the corner on day 9, on I was using 12-14 10/325's Vicodins a day for a couple of years.

We are almost there ktdp, so keep the faith and hang in there for a few more days, and we will both start feeling much better.
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