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quitting smoking: easier or harder than pill WD?

I know alot of you have smoked (or still do)...how is different from quitting pills? is it truly harder? I mean I should know this because I have quit smoking before, but never for very long, i always went back to it quickly. I think the longest I ever made it was a week except when i was pregnant. Now that I am over 80 days off Vicodin, I am wondering how much different it will be to quit the smokes? Will it be harder or easier? I set my quit date for Saturday..meaning that Friday night at 11:59 pm would be the last time I ever light a cigarette. I really need to do this. I was supposed to quit over a month ago anyways but then i had all that drama with my husband going on and i just couldnt make myself quit when that was happening (yeah, stupid, always finding an excuse to use, right?) But anyhow I made up my mind and tomorrow will be my last day of cigs.  What should I expect and is there anythign that will help? is there a "thomas recipe" for nicotine WD?? LOL   Or do I just gotta suffer it out with no help? Im pretty nervous about this...i ended up probably picking the wrong week to do this, I have major PMS right now so my moods arent too great to begin with, LOL   but oh well, I picked the date and am stickign with it so will just have to deal with it grumpier or not. Just looking for any advice you veteran ex smokers may have for me though!    
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2 week ex-smoker here. I've quit for long periods of time in the past...once for 7 yrs. Timing was very key to me. This time I caught bronchitis and simply could not smoke any more. And since I wanted to quit this spring I just simply let it go. Then I quit ultram about a week later. I was never a heavy user...quite the light-weight actually...but I've been going thru w/d non-the-less. Holy Crappidoodles! In my mind quitting smoking is WAY easier!! With quitting smoking you do become a bit of a bear and you have to find other things to do to occupy your time. (I always sat down w/ a cig like it was some kind of reward for accomplishing things, so I had to find a different reward system.) But all in all, if you have the personal strength to quit an opiate and deal w/ the w/d, you can do just about anything you set your mind too!! You can do this! Just stay the course....keep trying...even if you fail a couple of times. Eventually, thru drive and motivation, you will become smoke-free.
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I quit smoking 2 wks before I c/t off of lortabs, kinda a dumb move on my part, but I was ready.  I have to tell you honestly, I smoked for about 14 yrs. and I could not have quit w/o help, I am takin this new medication called chantix and it blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain, so you do not get the "high" or enjoyment out of the cigarette.  I had tried to quit too many times and always cheated, this time I was ready and with the combination of willpower and medication was the only way I could do it.  It has been 1 month and 1 week smoke-free and I tell you it feels really good and everyone is telling me that I look better (always a +).  So my opinion would be to go to your doctor and get the prescription, it is well worth it.  It is expensive about 120/month but I was lucky and my ins. covered it so I only have to pay $20 copay. If you were like me we spend that much or more on cigs, so well worth it. BTW it is not addicting as far as I know.  I am supposedly to be on it for 4-6 mos. but my hubby quit smoking 6 mos ago and only used it for 3 mos., so I am hoping that I will be the same.  Good luck to you and if you have any more questions, let me know.  :)
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glad you posted this trouble. for the first time i am ready to quit smoking, it is a disgusting habbit and so unhealthy. i have never even tried to quit. now that i quit coke i am ready to toss the butts, but i am scared, lmao. they have been my friend for 10 years. i have no doubt quitting smoking will be easier than quitting coke, but it is going to be tough. does anyone know how long that really bad cravings are for when you first quit smoking. man i enjoy that first smoke in the morning with my coffee, that will be the toughest part
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That morning coffee w/o cigs is a tuff one to conquer!. Everyone is so different w/ cravings. I just tell myself NO! at the least hint of a thought and within 2 weeks I hardly think about them. But others struggle. My w/d from smoking hardly compare to my w/d from ultram....absolutely minor as far as I am concerned but...look at "trouble's" comment. They obviously have a harder time. I can tell you that you don't suffer from RLS when you quit smoking, and for the most part you can sleep undisturbed.
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Good for you for wanting to quit smoking! I'm not a smoker myself...but from what I've heard, it's tough. Seems to me that if you can quit vic's (my doc)...then you can do anything! Plus think of all the $ you'll save--not to mention the years you'll add to your life. GOOD LUCK!
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what is the best thing to use to quit smoking, im gonna need help, lol, and im not wearing a patch, i'd have them stuck all over me when i had cravings, haha. the gum sounds gross to chew, hmmmmm maybe ill just start chewing tobacco, that looks so attractive, lmao. yuck
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