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Day 8 wo 100-200mg of roxy per day. 18 months. Went to listen to live music at 7. Thought it would b nice to remember a weekend nite. Sat down and WHAM like I got smacked in the back of the head with a hammer. Was texting, started shaking REAL bad. Dropped phone. Lost it for 1-2 minutes. Acutuley aware of what was going on but was paralyzed. Is this a seizure? Spoke to a friend who has an epileptic friend and he said spots in front of your eyes is a good indicator one is coming. Had that at 5:30 or so. Worst in my life. Just wanted a little "normal" Friday night. Is this part of wd's? Been through enough but was told expect more....usually you get more than one. Scared to death to drive. Sat for hours drinking water.
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Its a good possibility u had a seizure. I would get to a dr ASAP or maybe even a trip to the er or urgent care isnt a bad idea either. My daughter has petit mal seizures sometimes known as staring seizures. She completely freezes and just stares. They last about 1 to 2 minutes. She is treated with carbamazapene for them. I guess you cant rule out that the wds from the opiates brought that on for you but I myself havent heard of that. I bet that was scary as heck for you! Could it possibly of been an anxiety or panic attack? Either way I would get it checked out. They will do a test called an EEG. They will flash lights in ur face and monitor your brain waves. It is thought flashing lights can induce seizures. Hope the info was helpful. Good luck 2 ya and congrats getting clean. Thats WONDERFUL!
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Never had a panic or anxiety attack. This is new to me and its not my first go around with wd's. :-( This time I WILL win. No more. I was very aware of everything around me...I just couldn't respond. Total concentration on "acting" normal. Yeah right. One more step? Geez I hope so. ER will be next if it happens again. Safe at home. Just wish I could sleep again. Insomnia really stinks.
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Yes the lack of sleep really *****! Big time. You could try some melatonin. Its all natural and it has worked wonders for me. You can find it in the vitamin isle. Also valerian root promotes calmness and can help take the edge off anxeity and jitters. Also some lite excersise and a warm bath or shower can help as well. Not sure if you have restless leg syndrome going on as well? But if u do hylands restful legs has worked for some. Tylenol or advil pm can help as well especially if u have aches and pains. If all fails try the dr 4 suggestions or a script 4 a sleep aide but beware those have potential 4 dependency so short term is best with those. Hope this helps ya out some. Take care. And your doing  GREAT!
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Thanx Katrina. See u all over the posts. :-) since I have nothing to do and sleep is a million miles away...here I am. Amazing when u kno in ur heart u r going to quit.....forever. Sounds promising. Knowing its true...ahhh.
Sleep....wish I remembered what that was like. In time. I got that. Who watches Jay Leno? YIKES! ;-)
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Lol I hope seeing me all over the posts is a good thing? Here I an telling you how to sleep and now I cant! Actually I had a nitemare. Cant seem to shake the creeps it left behind! Just took some melatonin so i will be getting sleepy soon. How are you feeling other than tired? Are most of the intense physical yukos gone or atleast letting up?
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I'm not so sure that was a seizure. My son suffers from seizures and we were told that when someone has a seizure they have no memory of it whatsoever. Either way, you really need to get to a doctor and get some tests ran.
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Katrina sure its a good thing! Why I'm here. 2 hrs restless sleep. Normal. Still get to say day 9. Victory again. Everyday does get easier. Past the nasties, just want SLEEP. Sun just rose. 58 degrees. A beautiful day shaping up.
Bmdad I remember it all too vividly. Heard that was very rare. Try to make Monday. If I have another I'm on my way. Scared to drive. Hope everyone has a good weekend, sticks to their plans and enjoys their day, whatever "day" that is. Mine is 9. Never made it this far before. Downhill I hope from here.
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i don't know either if that was a seizure but i remember a journal about depersonalization related to anxiety, it could also be something like that. In any case, the best is to check it with a doctor. Maybe someone who knows how to find this journal could leave a link here....
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