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the anxiety is going to kill me

the anxiety is the worse, i'm alone today for the first time and i feel unable to cope.

i feel weak, i can't eat...i puke.

i have to get my son to school but how when i feel like i'm going to die?
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Emetrol or phenargan is very good for nausea.......... ensure (or Walgreens store brand) of soy nutrition is very good and will help you out with nutrition. Look up the Amino Acid Protocols and read them (in Health Pages or search engine...)  Theanine is a natural valium like substance that would probably help with the anxiety - as will meditation and breathing exercises.............
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Hi Dee,

The anxiety is something you just have to go through. It's awful, I know. That was the worst part of withdrawl for me. Felt like I was "gripped" or paralized by it. It gets better tho'.  Don't expect to feel better each day, recovery isn't always like that. You will have better days and then maybe some bad ones off and on for a while. Did you have problems with anxiety before using? Seems like those that did have more of a challenge during recovery. Antihistamines can help. Benadryl works for some. Just be careful about it bc some get addicted to Benadryl. I still take Vistaril ( rx antihistamine )occasionally and I use Kava Kava, Magnesuim Citrate, and Valerian to help with anxiety. Make sure to get high quality protein. If you can't tolerate food, maybe a protein shake? Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Be patient with yourself. I'm cheering for you!
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I have very bad anxiety, and its the worst in the mornings.  You are not alone!!!!!  For some reason, knowing others got through it helps me to get through it.. If other ppl can do it, we can too. Take it one day, or sometimes one hour at a time.  Music and excersise helps me when I'm able.. Reading too. I know sometimes it is difficult to even get comfortable.

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get up move around. read,play a video game,listen to some music,take a hike,fix something,cut the grass, do laundry.....get rolling on something. sometimes sitting too much brings it on. its all mental for the most part, try not to think about it.

we have all been there/here.........just dont give in. there ARE NO reasons to give in,period.

theres only one road to victory!!
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I'm over 70 days sober from Percocet, and I know just where you are right now in your path to sobriety. Sometimes, it felt like the anxiety was pulling me so deep down in my own pity that I felt the need to use at times. It doesn't last the same for everyone, so try and keep this in mind. If the issue starts to progress, it might be within your best interest to seek medical attention from a PCP that can help you with this.
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My anxiety is worse in the morning too. I've read that low blood sugar can make this worse. Try eating a high protein snack before bed, have some fruit and nuts right away when waking up, and a low glycemic diet all day. Now if I can just practice what I preach....lol. I know that this helps and I'm working it into my life style change.
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I am with you.  There are times I feel the same.  It always passes.  Just keep that in mind.  Percocet was my devil too.  

You should be so proud of the distance you have traveled.  Amazing.  In time, you will discover new things that ease your anxiety.  We all are feeling restless from time to time but I have faith that you will not give in.

You are strong.


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thank you.

I ended up going to the er, i thought I was going to die.

They gave me some ativan and phenergan to help with the nausea.  I'm supposed to  take the ativan every 6 hours to try to keep out of those phases.  I don't want to be dependent on yet another drug, but I have no choice on this one.  For me, it was either, this help or I'd die.
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Just wondering how long you guys have been clean. I am over 80 days clean now and still struggle with the anxiety. I hope this ends for all of us soon. Good luck to everyone!
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15 days clean from 10-15 10mg percocets a day along with 45-60 mg of adderall.
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Congrats on 15 days.Hopefully you will be over the worst of the anxiety sooner than I am. I am glad to say that it is much better than in the beginning but it is still a struggle.
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Hi Dee , I am on day 26 and yes I agree the anxiety is the worse part of it . I have to say I am starting to feel pretty good .Anxiety level abot 10% now . So hang on . I know you think it will be forever but it won't I promise !  Jim
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