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to all who are so wise here...assistance please

Today was a good day after 20 years on pain meds and xanax ....337 days free from vicoden and finally a really good day.  To steal from Weaver.....I will say I was quite GIDDY at times.

I tried different AD's....they are just not for me so.......I'm opting for much exercise. healthy food and the right vitamens and minerals to get me going. I have even made it thru the day without smoking........and FINALLY hitting an NA meeting.  COLOR ME HAPPY!

Getting ready to place an order but I need suggestions on what to get.

I'm still tapering off Xanax and will be off it in 2 weeks.  So sleep is definitely a problem.

Any suggestions you wonderful people can throw at me will be so very much appreciated!
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Heeeeey! Grats on your 337 days free of Vicodin

I was addicted to Xanax years ago, good job doing the slow taper.  Sleep, perchance to dream ........last thing to come.
No sugar, no caffeine, lots of exercise, hydrate and eat clean.  The smoking thing....yay for you.....tomorrow was to be my start day.....

You're dong awesome. Hugs and power
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That's my plain.....having my last bowl of ice cream now.  I'm a sugar *****.  

Did your blood pressure go up as you came off the Xanax......any advice

What are you starting tomorrow?????????
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My doc gave me some tips. First try melatonin. It's naturual and may help a little. I'm 8 days clean from suboxone. And at first I was only getting a couple hrs a sleep a night. The melatonin might not cut it at first but as the days go on my sleep is getting better and I think the melatonin is working. My doc did prescribe me trazadone which didn't work then ambien which didn't work. I decided not to take either one anymore. My doc said you only have a limited supplies of that stuff and when it's out... It's out. No more scripts. And when your out you will still have to retrain your body to sleep. So I'm keeping to naturual stuff. I do have anxiet before bedtime bc I know sleep isn't going to be great and my mind races. So she told me about the 4,4,4 method. You breathe in on a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 4, and exhale at the count of 4. It not only slows your breathing down but it also stops your mind from racing bc your concentrating on counting. Any kinda white noise will help. Keep it dark and cool in your room ..tv off. PMR helps me. It's progressive muscle relaxation. You can google that. Keep to a strict night routine. Same thing every night. As soon as you wake up open your curtains. Natural light helps set your internal clock and your body will know to wake up when it's light and shut down when it's dark. Black out curtains are great for keeping it dark til you wake up. Take a nice hot bath before bed. I use Epsom salt for relaxation factor. The rise and fall of body temp helps relax your body further. Chamomile tea is great for relaxation and reducing anxiety. Find some lavender spray and spray it on your pillow at night. Lavender also helps relaxation. Obviously stay away from anything with caffeine before bed and sugary stuff. If you nap do it early or not at all. And don't try to go to sleep until you are actually tired. It's just frustrating not being able to fall asleep and will only increase anxiety. This seems like common sense stuff but when my doc told me I was like ohhh! Haha. My sleep isn't perfect by any means but heck I was desperate to try anything. It is getting better as the nights go on. One thing my doc said when I told her I was frustrated that I couldn't sleep and that I hated anxiety was I'm not going to die from sleep deprivation and that it will come back. Don't lay in the bed and try to sleep when it's not going to happen...get up and listen to soothing music, read a book til your tired, do light stretching for a bit and then go back to bed and try again. With the anxiety she told me to give it a name, let it know you know it's there, and feel it, don't be scAred of it bc it'll only escalate. You can usually work it down if you let it be part of you. Try mediation...I wasn't big into it at first. You don't have to be super good at it for it to work. I was on anxiety meds when I first went into rehab. But to get put on suboxone I had to give up the Xanax bc the mix of the two can be lethal. So I had to learn to cope without the meds. It was hard but you can train yourself to talk yourself down from it. It can be a ***** at times but it can be done. I know this is a long response but I know how desperate I was to try and get my anxiety and sleep in check starting 8 days ago!! Hope it helps!!
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Loved your response...thanks.....off to google PMR then take a hot bath with Epson salts...just lit lavender everywhere in my house.

Any thoughts on vitamens and supplements!
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Great post avik7,  the breathing techniques are my golden go to for anxiety reducing.  All good stuff.  The melatonin I've never had luck with. You're supposed to take it same time every night and it won't work if you're not in complete darkness. Trazadone, ambien, Xanax ..all just more chemicals that you'll need to get off of eventch anyway. Don't get hung up on the sleep thing...ya right?....you're not going to die of sleep deprivation...it's the last thing to come for most.....you're doing awesome guys...sometimes just trying something new gets your mind tricked just long enough to help gloss over the unpleasantries until the next thing pops up that demands our attention. Prayers hope and little soft jazz........zzzzzzzz.......shhhhh, you sleepy yet?  Lol hugs out
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Hey there. It's so wonderful you had such a great day. I'm happy for you. Darn right you deserve it!
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I just take a multivitamin. And yes you should take melatonin at the same time!! Do I know if the melatonin is actually working?? No I'm not sure but I sure will give it a shot! My anxiety is reducing as the nights go by. You kind of get used to the lack of sleep in a sense. Just accept that your sleep isn't going to be great for a bit but it will eventually come back. My doc told me...you are not unique in this situation. "You will not be the first addict to never ever sleep again. Calm down and take it one night at a time!!" Lol
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Oh and Google naturual sleep remedies. I found that helpful too!!
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Thanks everyone for the sleep tips......only natural from on for me  but some slow jazz sounds really good too!

And thanks refills that was nice to see....you put a big ole'smile on my face.

I was looking for what vitamens and supplements I should be taking for my overall good health and good brain I hope to have.  Any thoughts?
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Oh forgot. I take melatonin every night. I think it's great. I believe you are on the right tract. Better days ahead for you.....ike
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I think so to Ike.....I think when I reached out to you....in the hopes I could help you......I got out of my head......that started the up mood.

So.......I do believe there is something to reaching out to others is key in recovery!

Well I be.......I think I'm gonna make it!!!!

Picking up Melatonin tomorrow to give it a try
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Hi there and congrats to you!  I did not have any luck with Melatonin.  I went to the Natural Food Store and the very wise and helpful Mgr recommended a magnesium citrate supplement called Natural Calm. It works wonders for me, both after a tough day to help de-stress me and as a pre-bedtime drink to help me sleep. I suggest it all the time as it is natural, but will say to follow the directions and start with a low dose as not to have bathroom issues (I have never had).

There is also a kind of pricey line of pre-bottled drinks in with the vitamin waters, healthy drinks, teas and such, called Neuro.  Kind of a funky bottle, but the orange is Neuro Sleep and contains both melatonin (according to the 'read' on the back) and magnesium citrate (actually listed in the ingredients).  I find that if I drink about 1/2 of a 14 oz bottle it does the trick to make me tired and helps me sleep thru the night. They carry it at Target and most of my grocery stores (on sale about $2/btl). I've even given about 1/4 btl to my kiddos when they can't sleep.

Wishing you the very best as you continue on your journey!
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When you use melatonin, you can't use it like a sleeping pill, it is a natural hormone your body manufactures. The brain produces melatonin in one's circadian rhythm, so take it the same time each night, in total dark and silence. It may not work at first, just meditate through the nights it doesn't. As your brain gets used the the new rhythm, the brain will start to produce it's own melatonin at the time you were taking it, then your sleeping pattern should stabilize. With drug detox, this doesn't always work right away, but I have found it works as good as anything. Unlike like sleeping pills, that make one sleepy in noise, daylight, or whatever, melatonin doesn't override your natural rhythm the way pharm drugs do, it actually help reset the natural rhythm and the clues of dark, silence, and laying down, program your brain that this is the new norm.
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