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wanna stop

I wanna.stop I don't know what to do.I been taking 10 mg Norco for.like 8 years 3 to 4 @ a time.every 3 to four hrs I wanna stop do I.go.to a.doctor n ask.for.help??? Pls help
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Hi again wannastp, I am glad to see you made your own post.  There is lots of advice and support here.  Are you getting your pills from a doctor, or off the street. If you are getting them from a doctor, then I would go to your doctor and explain exactly how many you are taking per day, and that you would like his/her help to quit. Otherwise, there are a couple of ways you can do this. You can either taper down your usage slowly over time, and then when you get down to a low amount you can quit. You are taking a pretty high dosage per day, and you have been taking them for a long time.  With tapering, you will experience more mild withdrawal symptoms, over a longer period of time. Tapering does take a lot of focus and discipline, and can be difficult mentally.

Or, you could quit cold turkey. You will probably experience intense withdrawal symptoms, but for a shorter amount of time. You will probably feel sick for about a week to 10 days, and then start feeling a bit better each day after.

At the high dose you have been taking, I would recommend tapering. It will be easier on your system. Do you have anyone who can help you with a taper? Someone who can hold and give you the pills per your taper schedule?

Anyway, let us know what you decide. We can answer any questions you have, and give you moral support. Take care!  You can do this!! I wish you all the best.
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i agree you need a doctors help for this
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Hi wannastop:

Sonrissa makes a great point here.  If you are getting these from someone other than a doctor, then find someone who you REALLY trust, and make and ask them to hold the pills for you.   I don't know much about tapering schedules, but I'm sure you can find that information on here.

I was taking only 40 mgs of oxycodone a day (still a lot for me) and I tapered down to 30 for week, 20 for week, then I was at 10 mgs. At that point I had started withdrawals, and was miserable, so I only lasted 3 days at 10 mgs, I said "what the heck" and I jumped off.  Still had 3 left in the bottle.    

I won't lie; it is hard, but you won't die.  Tapering off of opiates is actually safer than alcohol or benzos.  

Do you work?  If you can, take a week off...tell them you have a terrible flu...'cause it will feel like that.   Also, even if you are buying them from someone, if you have a doctor you trust, and medical insurance, you might want to "come clean" with your doctor.  Don't worry about them judging you; they see this all the time..you are one of millions with this problem.

Congratulations on wanting to stop.   It might help to list your reasons why you want to stop...this helped me a lot.  I wrote down what made me sick to death of this lifestyle...and I would re-read it when I felt weak or like I wanted to give in and beg my doctor for another script.  

Good luck...I hope you come back and talk some more.

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Three to four 10mgs a day is not a high dosage.  Eight years though is a long time for your thoughts to build securities around your daily fixes.  

Once you taper to 20mgs it's not really worth continuing and you might as well jump (two 5's a day just seems like it's prolonging things), so I'm not imagining that dropping one or a half pill per week or whatever will take long at all.  40mg is reasonably mellow and I'd recommend jumping now, but everyone is different so do what you feel is best you know.  "The Thomas recipe" found at the bottom of the homepage is useful info for detox too.  

If you're getting them from a doctor you'll want to tell him of your intention and cut him/her as a source.  Otherwise change your number and delete the man from your contacts.  Aftercare in the form of NA/AA is recommended on this site.  Eight years of use will take some de-programming from your thoughts, make sure to have a plan for positive change.  

Keep posting too, everyone here has been there in some form and has their valuable two cents and support to add.

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I think wannastp said he/she was taking 30-40 mgs every 3-4 hours, not every day.   That is more like 120 mgs a day.  Am I reading this wrong?  

I took 40 mgs a day for 8 years.  It may not seem like a high dose, but at age 52, quitting has been like a vertical nose dive to hell.  Today is day 18 and I'm finally feeling better.   Please don't diminish how hard this is for some folks. It all depends on one's constitution, health, underlying medical  conditions, and AGE.  I'm old (lol) so I'm convinced that my age, and the fact that I've been on the oxy's SO darned long is why it has been a sleigh ride through H.ell.  

I'm beginning to feel better.  Able to move, able to eat a little.  Stomach will take a long time to heal...it's called "the second brain" as it has lots of pain receptors in it that are used to being flooded with opiates.  Dear Lord, what this drug does to us...it's really amazing how many people are going thru this.

Anyhow, I hope I didn't offend you with anything I said. Good luck and God Bless ALL OF US!!!!

My best,
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Hi honey. I was taking 7 to 10 hydro a day for 18 or so years. Now I am 9 months clean. Has it been easy~~no. But I did it. I realize I didn't have a choice if I wanted to live cause I was just taking more and more. And oh wow what a life I have now. Is it problem fee ~~no but I can handle it and actually be happy. If you want to do this just surrender to the process and try to keep a positive attitude. I am not recommending how but I will tell you what I did and that was to taper down and then jumped off. Best thing I have ever done. I am so much more at peace and my thinking is so much more clearer. Good luck with whatever you decide and keep posting. There are so many supporting people on here.
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Oh yes, my mistake on reading comprehension.  Sorry about that...  I'm really not trying to diminish anything, rather my intention was not to go running to the doctor where they'd likely just put you on subs or methadone for something that really just needs a taper or a cold turkey.  Please disregard my first and second paragraph.  

So 3-4 10mgs times 4-5 times per day equals 150-200ish mgs per day, just to be clear... Eight years of use is a large factor to take into account too, plus age and physical condition (we don't have that info yet though).  That is a good sized dose so have a think about which route you want to take as far as CT or tapering.  I'd still run screaming if they try to put you on a program also.  Check the pistol and don't take the shotgun so to speak.

If cold turkey is too much try tapering down to a dose of 10-20mgs and jump Wannastp.  Some more information would be helpful as far as reasons for use etc.  We can't give schedules but it's not exactly rocket science either.  Just reduce your dose regularly, giving yourself enough time to feel stabilised on the new dose before dropping another increment.

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Hi and welcome!

We are all here to support and help no matter how you decide to get off the pills.  I can tell you a few things.

1.  I was on opiates for a long, long time over 10 years and this wonderful group helped me through the withdrawals.

2.   It isn't easy for a while...but it is SO worth it.

If you have a doctor who will work for you on a taper that's terrific but you need to think deep down if a taper will work for you.  Most of us detox CT because we just can't keep our hands off the pills.  The rare times tapering is successful is when you have someone you trust holding the pills and handing them out exactly how the tapering plan is fixed.

No matter what you decide to do we are here for you.  Let us know...there are many ways to help with symptoms of withdrawal.  We can't get rid of them but we can help ease them.  I sometimes think God does not want us to have an easy way out so we remember what it was like (Lord knows once was enough to convince me to never, ever have to do that again).

Let us know what you decide to do...and if you read other postings please don't scare yourself to death.  You will read of relatively decent detoxing and you will read about some scary ones but it all depends on the drugs.  For instance, Fentanyl, Subs and Methadone are THE worst to get off of.

In the end I was up to 8 to 10 15 mg oxycodone a day...and I survived my detox and you can to.  You really should talk to your doc though...if you have any underlying health issues you need to make sure that a cold turkey detox would be safe for you.

If you really, really want this you can do it....but you have to cut off all lines of supply...telling your doctor, your pharmacist, any outside suppliers. etc,

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Thank you all I am starting my detoxing cold turkey I have a headache but I know I can do this !!! I'm really scared I wanna thank all of you for your feed back
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I'm going to send you a PM with suggestions for relief for some withdrawal symptoms.  Not everything will work for you but some of the things will be perfect:  immodium, epsom salt baths, lots of liquids, vitamins.  Use it as a guide.  Please post with us as symptoms come up.  People who have experience with your drug of choice will let you know what worked for you and you can use the sheet I send you as a guide.

You can do this...you've come to the best batch of people on the internet for support!!!
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Thank you I finally came clean to my family I just quit cold turkey I feel like.s$!t but I'm thinking of going to the doc to get time off of work what you think
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Thank you I really appreciated it I turned to pills when I lost family now.I'm trapped w depression but I know.with this help.of group I got this
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Hiya- cold turkey is fine: that's what just about all of us have done anyway. If we could have tapered, we wouldn't have had a problem anyway!

You will feel like sh!t but you won't die. Norco (opiate detox) is rough but it won't kill you. So take comfort in that. We all did it and we're hear to talk about it. (I was a norco girl, too.)

I assume you have all the stuff you need from Thomas recipe? Take hot bathes like crazy. And advil for your headache. Your emotions will be all over the place: that is NORMAL. Don't let the depression scare you: you've been numbing for so long, your feelings will go a bit haywire.

Stay close!:)
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Ty =) yes I been numbing myself n all my mind is telling me  take one I just pray n pray th all much needed the comfort
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Hey so how far along are you on your detox? I'm currently detoxing as well right now and I'm glued to this site,it helps me take my mind off things. I'm 72 hours sober so I'm with you all the way on this one. When you get to day 2 or even 3 days then call in sick would be the best bet. I heard days 3-5 are the toughest. That's just people's opinion it may be easier for you. God has a plan for us all and he's put that thought in your head that you need to quit. I was on a lot higher dosage than you were I was doing anywhere from 20 to 30 a day. I'm 22 but I went to college for a year and for those of you who don't know there a lot of drugs around there and its easy to become addicted haha I'm hear for you
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I understand how easy to is to use the pills to cover the underlying pain of losing family...no matter what kind of lose.  When my blinders came off I realized that I missed my family....though it was so dysfunctional I never had a loving family...now I have to learn to accept the family the way it was and is.
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Purrfectlykrazy I just have to say you are a great person for doing what your doing, you helped me with my post you have pointer and tips I see you helping others you truly are god son. Doesn't matter how bad your family was look how you turned out helping others in needs I gotta say you turned out great and your a good person forgive me for saying if your family doesn't know that about you then **** them cause your great truly!!!
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Thanks today's MY first day thank you I'm off tomorrow as well I just keep telling mysf the money I would spent I can buy my car I wanted lol but I. Feeling really under the weather but not restless yet should I feel like that yet
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What day was hardest for you
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No, I didn't ever get restless legs so don't even worry about it unless it happens.  Some people don't get all of the symptoms.
Just relax, watch some funny videos on youtube if you can't sleep and keep your spirits up.  What will be will be.
Just remember it is temporary.
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Hun, almost everyone gets RLS....but not usually on the first day.  You'll probably start noticing it on the 2nd evening or the 3rd.  Make sure you have what you need to replace the magnesium in your leg muscles and the tonic water with Quinine.  Those will help with the RLS.  Just remember....it isn't forever....do your best to do what you can to ease your symptoms and then promptly do anything you can to keep your mind off of it....walking, exercising, watching some comedy, chatting with friends...anything that will keep you from dwelling on how you feel.  It will NOT last forever and it will be ever so worth it.

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Not everyone gets it.  I have never had it and know many others who didn't.
If it happens, it happens but don't stress waiting for it since it may not even be an issue.
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Thanks Pat.  I did say almost everyone...but not everyone.  You are actually the first I've talked to who has specifically told me they didn't get RLS...you lucky devil you!  What WAS your secret?  Thanks for letting me know that fact :-)
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No idea.  Just lucky I guess.  I have had it before from gravol (too much) but never during ALL of my detoxes.  I felt it in my arms during some bad ones and even in my chest but none in my legs.
I have talked to several people who didn't get it in their legs.
It's a good thing because I don't have a bathtub and I hate that when I'm in withdrawal lol.
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