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Weening off Alcohol within daily guidelines?

I've been drinking heavily for 3 years, each day. After a liver twinge and high fever (having a family history of Liver cancer) I was quite scared.

So: I've decided to try to get sober.
Considered going cold turkey, but the shakes got a bit too much, and 24 hours in I succumbed to ONE (and only one!) drink. It was hard to leave it there, but I need to stop. Nearly 48 hours in, my symptoms of withdrawal are intermittent from just a bit feverish to shakes and palpitations. I'm just trying to hold out for the 96h mark so I can be a bit more confident I'll not suffer serious seizures..

Do you think staying within the guidelines for drinking for a couple of weeks in an attempt to ween off would be okay? Or best just go cold ASAP?

I will beat this.
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People can die from alcohol withdrawal and medical assistance is advised ASAP!
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I personally (not that I endorse it) have been okay.. Okay is a stretch, it's been hell on earth. But I'm alive. Had a couple of drinks and smoked some weed to counter the withdrawal, but I'm OK :) I do agree though - medical help recommended
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AGAIN! this is not something anyone should attempt on their own minus medical assistance!
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If you could drink in a controlled manner, then you probably wouldn't be in this situation.   So all of a sudden, you'll be able to drink in a controlled way while you are slowly withdrawing?   I ( personally)couldn't do that.  If I was still physically addicted in any way,  and had one or several drinks, I would want to keep drinking.

But I agree with the others here: if you've experienced shakes, then you're going to need some medical help.  It may be as simple as medication prescribed by your doctor.
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