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Is this possibly an allergy? Feeling sick in the morning

To clear it up right away, it's not morning sickness because I am not pregnant and there is no way I could be pregnant.  No "are you sure...?"'s either haha, I'm 110% positive.

Basically for the past several months I will wake up in the morning not feeling so great.  This happens four to five times a week, but it has only been like that for the past few months.  Before then it would still occur but only once or twice a week at the most.  I wake up with a mildly sore throat, that "achy" feeling associated with cold and flu, head pressure, and chills/hotheadedness and slightly burning eyes (but no fever).  If I move around too much, say I'm in a hurry and get a shower, then I feel slightly nauseous but I never actually vomit.

I had no idea what was wrong until somebody suggested to me that maybe I have some kind of allergy. However I never have a stuffy nose or running nose, or sneezing, the things usually associated with dust mite allergies (my first guess, considering it ONLY happens in the morning).  I haven't been to a doctor yet because it isn't drastically interfering with my day.  I have a desk job and I just sit at my desk and try to keep my mind off of it until the symptoms subside.  I am starting to get tired of feeling so lousy as soon as I wake up, and if I can prevent that I'd like to!

So yes, if somebody can point me in the right direction, even if it's not allergy related, that would be fantastic!  Thank you so much :)
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Point ya right to the doctor!  Many medical problems could be causing your symptoms such as low blood sugar, chronic fatigue disorder, mononucleosis, low potassium, anemia, etc.  You should really see a doctor to have a full check up with blood work done.
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