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Nasal Endoscopy Question

I'm new to this forum, so please pardon me if I am not posting this in the correct place.

My question: Has anyone who has had a nasal endoscopy been asked to put the scope in your mouth and lick it before the procedure? (Yes..weird question, I know. Let me explain....)

Today I had my second nasal endoscopy. (The first was four years ago.) The doc who did the first endoscopy has since retired, so today I got a young, new doctor and he asked me to do something odd before the nasal endoscopy: He asked me to put the scope in my mouth, and lick it!

That just seems...well...weird. He wasn't the most pleasant fellow to begin with, so I didn't want to upset him by asking why. Plus, the thought did cross my mind that maybe this is some new technique that their teaching the young 'uns in school these days. But, as I am touching the scope to my tongue, I am thinking, "Great. Now all that bacteria that is on my tongue (everyone has it on their tongue) will now be in my nasal cavity. Disgusting!"

Plus, I specificially remember the doc from five years ago disinfecting the scope IN FRONT OF ME (this guy did not), and he NEVER asked me to lick the scope.

Anyone else have their doc ask them to do that before their nasal endoscopy? Or, if there are any docs reading this forum, is there a reason to have the patient lick the scope prior to it going into your nasal cavity?

Either way, I'm not going back to this doc. First, he was moody and rude and not a good listener. Second, after telling him how I have had severe sinus headaches, tinnitus nasal congestion and DAILY bloody noses for the past six years, then telling him what I do to self treat (neti pot, daily and frequent use of saline solution, bought two industrial air purifiers and replaced all carpeting in the house with hardwood floors) he told me to just "keep doing what you're doing. You're doing everything right."

Well, um, EXCUSE ME...but daily bloody noses and congestion headaches and tinnitus so bad that I have to occasionally miss work (and rarely, if ever, get a good night's sleep) because of it is NOT doing everything right. Something is amiss.

He did admit that the endoscopy showed "severe swelling" and "a lot of bloody crusting." Yet, as I said, he tells me to just keep doing what I am doing.

And I paid for an office call for this?!

Sorry for the added rant. My main question is whether anyone has had to "lick" the scope.

Many thanks for any responses.
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