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Who should we seek out? What could be happening?

My mom has been forgetting important aspects of her life, like whether or not she has kids, or whether her dad has died or it was a dream (he died 15+ years ago). She turned the stove on the other day and instead of putting the pot on top of it, she put her own hand on it. She also reports feeling depressed and anxious. What could be going on with her? Could this be Alzheimer's? What kind of doctor should we seek out?

I don't live close to her, so I don't know if she's been exhibiting  other symptoms. I am planning on calling her husband and see if he's seen anything else out of the ordinary with her.

Thank you so much in advance!
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Yes plz take her to her reg dr who than will send her to a dr who can help her, yes sounds like she has alz or had a stroke, my mom started out slow just repeating her self, but if your mom is doing all of this all of a sudden she really needs to be seen ASAP

If it's been going on a while she still needs to be seen soon, and she does not need to left alone as you can see she put her hand on a stove.

She could end up really hurting herself, burning house down etc, get her help soon and plz tell her hubby she does not need to be byself , etc,

Keep us up to date ,,,,,,Heart
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