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How do i cope... Or Control My anger.

I suffer badly with anger. anything will tick me off and it affecting my long term boyfriend and i, i keep  shouting at him for nothin and snapping, iv promised ill change but i just dont know how to cope to help us. he means the world but the person i am is hurting us..

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Jess, you need to seek counseling.  In order to address this properly, you need to find out what the root cause of the anger is and address it.  A therapist will be able to help you with that.

There is no "off the shelf" cure for this, and honestly... it may take time.  The good news is that it is treatable.  I too have anger issues and I was known to deal with anger rather poorly.  That isn't the case any more.

Seek counseling, be honest with your therapist, and work on getting better.
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I advice you to meditate. Whenever you get angry, just take a deep breath, walk away, and say (shout if you really need to) that you need some private time. Then, there you can reflect and just clear your mind. I have anger problems too, so I should know how you feel. Sometimes I just snap at people when I'm feeling moody. Clear your mind through meditation!

Good Luck
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Isn't the diversity amongst people amazing!

I meditate but I couldn't do it when angry - so I get physical and go running.
When I was younger I used to drive very fast as a way of feeling strong and in control - but that only resulted in me losing my licence for 6 months, and I'm fortunate to still be alive.

Like Brice67, I support you in finding an appropriate therapist.
Have you ever considered going on a journey in search of yourself? If you're a reader you can begin it through reading. If you're more extrovert you could go to self exploration workshops.
You can also do it by going on the "Mypersonalities" journey, a self-discovery and computer therapy program, which contains specific therapy for treating uncontrollable anger. You could also use the program to discover the underlying needs that the anger is masking - and how to make peace with them.
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Jess i think you need  counseling.  In order to address this properly, find out what the root cause of the anger is and address it.  A therapist will be able to help you with that.

[url=http://www.spiral2grow.com/anger_management.html]Anger Management NYC[/url]
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Thank you for the support. sorry iv taking long to reply been busy.
and recently my boyfriend and i split because of my temper. we gonna work through it i hope.

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