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propranolol and sweating

i'm taking about 3 months propranolol 10mg for migraines - twice a day, morning and evening.
I suffer from social anxiety, but the doctor does not know .. The problem of migraines is separately
When i have Anxiety attack i am sweating a lot, especially the plams. But in normal circumstances I would not sweat, but lately I'm sweating all the time and from places that I was not  sweating before - legs, underarms, back, hands-like all the time !!! Could this be a side effect of the medication? also i've noticed that I have hair loss and very cold hands.thanks.i'm sorry if my english little understood
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This medication is used used for several conditions, as you already know. One of them is anxiety, so I'm a little surprised you're still having anxiety.
I'm not finding much information on the side effects of this med. It could be possible that the sweating and hair loss could be side effects of this med. You can call your Dr or pharmacist. Either of them can tell you if these are side effects of this med.
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Is it just me or does that medication give heart Populations
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