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Propranolol for anxiety

2017 I take propranolol 20 twice daily for two weeks then 10 twice until now but some times bp drop from 120/80 to 100/60 with dizziness.

10mg can't control tremors and other anxiety symptoms but 20 can.

I tried deep breathing when propranolol not available but not the same result.

Should I continue use 20 forever or there is alternative option?
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That's hard. My son takes propanolol. He takes between 10 and 20 as well. He may take 10 mg plus half of the other half so around 15 mg total. Have you tried that? Do you feel different when you bp drops?

You know wondering if you take a chronic med as well. Like an SSRI? That helps my son need the propanolol less and take that slightly lower dose. Have you tried any therapy?
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Sertraline for two weeks at the beginning with propranolol
But symptoms relief with inderal only

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