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75mg of Effexor

Is 75mg of Effexor XR to high of a dosage?  I started out 3 days on 35mg of Effexor and then went right up to 75mg.  I dont know if I should be using that high of a dosage.  Every since I started taking it, I have been feeling REALLY exhausted.  Is that from the Effexor?  Also, does Effexor make you sweat?  I know someone who takes it to prevent sweating, but I sweat so badly now that I take it.  What is up with that?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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75mg isn't that high at all. The max is 375mg and I probably moved from 37.5 to 75mg in about the same time as you. Effexor does have common side effects of increasing sweating. It's rare for Effexor to make you tired. Effexor is usually an activating medicine. It might be possible. These side effects may dissipate after a couple weeks or so of use. I would talk to your psych if they don't go away and they are overwhelmingly bothersome.
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