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A list of Coping Strategies for Anxiety and Depression

I think it is really helpful to have an idea of things that CAN help with Anxiety naturally and depression too.  Here are some ideas I've either read about or come up with on my own.  Please add to them.

So---  we learn how to cope often from our parents.  If we have calm, stress free parents, we learn through watching them.  If we have stressball parents, we learn that too.  My son was born a stressed baby, colic from the get go.  So, his anxiety just is and always was and NO!  I didn't cause it.  :>)  *years of therapy to not feel guilty for how we raised our kids is something all should have.  :>)  

Here is my list:
***  Exercise.  regularly.  
***  Walking.  which I realize is exercise but it is also a soothing quiet time in which to clear the mind.  Or let it scream at you hopefully to be less loud by the time you are done with your walk.
*** play music that you genuinely like.  
*** draw, paint.  Sounds dumb, but I think they found that coloring or using colored pencils in the oh so popular doodle books out now is very calming.
*** garden.  Digging in dirt, nurturing the earth has a repairing quality to our soul
*** volunteer.  This is an outlet that makes us feel good while providing a service and should be encouraged for all seeking positive mental health.  This is one reason I really LOVE medhelp.  It's win win.  I feel better and less stressed giving of my time, people get to feel supported and get the nuggets of info I store in my wee brain. but volunteering at a school, with those less fortunate or a cause you believe in is a valuable experience.
***Take a shower.  visualize washing the tension, stress and problems away.
***  keep a journal.
*** connect when you feel like hiding.
*** watch a movie that you get lost in.
***read a book that does the same thing.  
*** streamline your life to have less interaction with toxic people.
***have a truthful, authentic conversation with someone you respect and who you think might 'get you'
*** make a thankful list for things you are thankful for
***be open to different solutions to your problems and BRAINSTORM in brainstorm fashion possible ideas of how to make changes to the things that bother you
***have a daily, weekly and monthly to do list that is reasonable.
***get a new outfit (like for real, I love this)

---  what ideas do you have?
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