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Am I being irriational?

So July 3rd (a week ago today) I ended up hitting a Racoon, about 20 or more minutes after I got home around (4:30 am)I went outside and pulled a piece of my car off to see damage. I feel so stupid now because I think maybe there was blood on it? It could've been dew as it was quite foggy out and my windshield was soaked when I began to drive home from my friends. But A few hours later when my sister and I drove past it it looked like it was fine and probably had some bad internal bleeding. I'm scared because I'm convinced I have contracted rabies and I am going to die soon. And that even though my doctor said im fine and everyone else is telling me I'm fine that they maybe wrong. I have a lump in my throat type feeling and im scared that in 10 days im going to die. I am moving 2,000 miles away in less then a month and am really missing my mom recently so maybe this is all adding to it. But I feel so stupid like if I wouldn't have touched the piece of the car I would be fine. All I want is for someone to tell me I'm being ridiculous and that im okay. I even have a dr. appt. tomorrow to ask and make sure im going to be okay. But also for anxiety. It just is getting worse to the point where I don't want to leave my house as I feel I am in constant danger.
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It could be anything. I'm no doctor so I can't tell. Sounds like anxiety.
But it could also be hypochondria or paranoia or agoraphobia.
A doc can tell better. find a good doc or therapist and listen to him/her.
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