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Any tips or tricks for Anxiety, I think I have GAD I have not been diagnosed with it but all symptoms seem to lead that way. I have been tested for everything else and cant find the doctors cant find anything else. I dont really have full blown panic attacks although I think I have had them in the past, but all day all I can think about is my health and I feel every single little pain or ache or anything that does not feel quite right. I am constantly thinking of what will happen. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on controlling that other then medication, I am concerned about getting on something that might be addictive, or have other side effects like most medications. Also with a panic attack does it happen out of no where? All 3 times that I think that I had one it was at night and I was relaxing I wasnt stressed or thinking about anything.  Thanks
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Hello there,

What i suggest to everyone is simple. Healthy diet, exercise and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or even yoga.

You can also try natural anti-anxiety medication like Seredyn and Serelax. They are made with the supplements i will list under. Basically it's a package deal of all the supplements in one bottle.

-Passionflower ( included in both Seredyn and Serelax )
-Kava ( included in Serelax )
-Valerian ( included in both Seredyn and Serelax )
-5-HPT ( included in Serelax )
-L-Theanine ( amino acid included in both Seredyn and Serelax )
-Niacinamide ( included in Seredyn )
-Magnesium Taurinate ( included in Seredyn )

You can also buy all the supplements individually and try to figure out by yourself what works best.

Omega-3 have proven to be good as mood lifter and stress reducer.

Physical activity and diet ( try looking for Green+ or SuperFoodRX to get the nutriments most of the people are lacking in their diet and consider multi-vitamins and minerals complex ) is critical in your fight against anxiety. I will list some food suggestion that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

-Wholegrain foods
-Brown rice
-Cottage Cheese
-Skimmed milk or try replacing milk with soy milk
-Fresh fish
-Poached Egg
-Baked potato
-Peanut butter

Hope this will proves to be helpful for you and remember that it takes time to see improvement. The body needs to adapt to change

Please consider that I'm not a doctor nor a nutritionist and you should see a doctor if you are really concerned.

Best regards,
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Thanks you have been a lot of help. I am going to try one of those natural medications. I have been trying to do everything naturally. I have been taking these calm packs of magnesium when I start to feel anxious they seem to work most of the time, but I would like to take something to try to prevent feeling anxious.
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