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Anxiety Attacks and Xanax

I have been on xanax for as long as I can remember, without I have the worse anxiety attacks on a daily basis, The anxiety is so bad I don't want to get out of bed socialize or leave the house,  with the xanax I am able to live a normal life, I don't want to be by myself and have no life.  I am able to work and be with other people, when people meet me they think I am such a people person full of life and really fun to be with, without the xanax these same people would not even know I am the same person, does this make me a addict because without the medication I would not leave the house with the medication I am able to leave the house and lead a normal life.
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That sounds just like me when I was addicted to xanax. Exactly. It creeps up on you so slowly that you have to think back "was I always like this" no I wasn't, what happened to me??? I didn't realize it was the xanax, not till much later, when my life was runined.

Is this the kind of anxiety you had before any meds? If you want to come off, see site ****.***

Do not abruptly stop taking them!!!!

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was it the xanax that ruined your life, when you said was I always like this, I can remember being in elementary school and feeling this way and just now knowing that I was in the midst of a anxiety attack I wish I would have had a forum like this a long time ago just knowing others like you know what I am talking about makes me feel so much better, if I can be of any help to you let me know, thanks for your comments.  Are you off the xanax now?
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Yes the xanax ruined my life, but not now, I am xanax free.

I don't know why the people here delete a web site that is non profit - no advertisements (unlike other forums) and happens to be the best site in the world concerning benzodiazepine withdrawal, people need to know the correct way to w/d off benzo's. I'm sure the "experts" here would agree. And guess what Dr. Ashton at benzo.org.uk doesn't try to sell her diet book!!!
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That was so well written, I've been discussing the same exact thing with Abby too, "look at previous threads"
Im so glad you was able to explain effective use of benzo's.
I woill have to agree and disagree with you on DR. Ashton
I agree shes out there to make money with her "mass hysteria" propaganda lol
But she does have a valid tapering system to be looked at for free.
As for all this diet stuff???? Whos coming up with all this???
Why are all these sites talking about a special diet for withdraw???
O yea, thats right...to make money lol
For anyone reading thing DRINK WATER TAKE A MULTI VIT. "Especially B complex"
and taper SLOW.
Simple, theres no problem in DT's or anyhting as long as its done correctly.
Anyways, Just wanted to Thank you Ryan, for explaining the portion that I apparently couldnt to Abby.
I tried telling her to stop scaring all the poor people already scared to death for no reason.
All shes doing is making it hard for people with acute anxiety hard to recover by creating a negative projected withdraw process, scaring people that need these meds from taking them.
They save lives, Im on Klonopin and am proud to say it, it saved my life!!
key word is using not abusing, because people like us NEED these sometimes, and its usually only the drug addicts that never really needed them in the first place that experience the acute projected withdraw, because they abused them.
People with anxiety "I have GAD" are less prone to abuse meds because they just wanna feel normal, not buzzed, so tolerance is usually no big thing.
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I don't know what site your looking at. The site I'm referring to makes no mention of a diet book. It's a 10 year study done by Dr. Heather Ashton and it was ordered by parlament because of all the problems with benzodiadepines. I'm not referring to any other sites. The abrubt withdrawal you referr to is because people don't know how to properly come off, ie., a 3 week tapper plan. As far as protracted withdrawal symptoms... You obviosuly don't understand benzodiadepine addiction at all. Long term balance problems, poor memory and cognition and insomnia ...can all be post withdrawal or withdrawal symptoms that just won't go away...what part of that don't you understand?

Because something is not in a US medical journal, that must mean it's does not exist. OMG!

You aren't really comparing benzo's to life saving drugs like insulin or Inderal?

I have never said that there are not exceptions. If a pill can get that poor house bound fella out and working again... well go for it!

In my case Ryan you know nothing. The information phamplets in 1999 regarding ativan said just a fraction about the drug compared to now. Even now it's skirts the issue of addiction. I didn't have a computer to research. I took valium on and off without any problem... that first prescription of ativan in 1999 is what started the whole downhill spiral.

I'll plead ignorance all day long..."lack of knowledge, information" you better believe it!
At the end of the day I stopped taking the pills dear Ryan and I had a seizure. How do I get off the pills that was the question. Everybody knows how to say "take these" but nobody says how to stop! The hospital says 3 days I'm curred and out the door, the detox says 9 days I'm curred and out the door, well I still can't function, what could be the problem. Could it be they are ignorant too... just like you?

At this point, without a pill you are insane and in crippling pain, with a pill, life is all normal again. Gee... what should I do? stay insane and in pain or take the pill.

You better believe I blame "my" doctor!  8mg Xanax a day, >for a good time call Dr. Ganjoo, (301) 218-4220, standing room only, minimum 2 hour wait. Doctor's won't hurt you. I am left with one leg that's in constant pain and the right side of my face is partially paralized. From the seizure I don't know, neither does my neurologist.

"piehole" did that come out of one of your "medical journals"?

Alcohol and benzo's are a bad combination, the benzo's work on the same brain receptors as alcohol. My alcohol consuption increased ten fold with the first prescription of ativan. When I quit drinking I would take a xanax and would drink again. I don't ecpect you to understand that concept either.

My experience is unique...but, there are thousands of people out there suffering from from beno addiction. If I were researching benzo use for the first time, I would want to know the good the bad and the ugly. I have only said what is true. Do you really think people with severe anxiety problems are children. That they can't gather their own information and make a decision of their choice? Too many posts here are saying "here take this klonopin"  because it works for me.  

Low dose, short term use if necessary and informed decisions.


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I accidently typed beno instead of benzo...oppps!  A freudian slip. I admit it, I had a tremendous addiction to "beans" I tappered with BENO. I'm ok now.
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HAHAHAHA, yea those beans are addicting as he11 LOL
you really gotta taper em off, and when you start the worst DT is the GAS its HORRIBLE! lololol,
got to taper from Chili beans to kidney beans, and so on, those are pretty dangerous:)
HAHAHAH I like that your joking about it, great stuff
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I think everyone got off the track.  This woman was unable to live a normal life until Xanax. She had long-term anxiety.  If Xanax makes that possible, what does it have to do with addiction.  Yes she depends on this drug to function normally as do many other people.  She isn't saying that taking Xanax is making her life a living hell.  Getting off any benzo isn't always easy, but why would you rock the boat if  everything is fine.  If she finds herself repeatedly upping the dose or seeking better drugs then I would worry about the addiction aspect.
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I totally agree, that a medicine is just that, a medicine.
It is not a drug for a person whom needs it, I was simply saying why not get a longer lasting "preventative" benzodiazapine that has less potential for body tolerance, and has less known side effects, and is recommended for longer term use, "klonopin for example"
Atleast with a longer lasting benzos, lt would save lyerhc a lot of the rollercoaster/ yoyo effect that she might be experiencing.
My cousin was also prescribed xanax for a long period of time, "3 years, wayyy to long"
and I suggested the same thing to her, and she is now taking Klonopin BID, and its close to the 2 week mark, and shes already feeling so much better, "because of the reasons that both Ryan and I talked about"
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I agree with lynn57; if you are taking the meds as prescribed, then you don't have an addiction.  Anxiety and depression are diseases like any other and sometimes require meds to be taken for life.  If it improves the quality of your life, why is there a problem unless you're abusing the drugs?
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Thank you for confirming the fact that without the medication as prescribed for anxiety I would not be able to live a normal life unlike the one lady who said her life was a living hell on xanax my life has been the direct opposite, taking xanax has made my life worth LIVING, I can work function without that constant worry about having a serve anxiety attack so bad that I couldn't get out of bed didn't want to be around anyone and so on.
Knowing that I might be a little anxious vs a full blown anxiety attack (those of you that have had them know what I am talking about) had added years to my life. thank you for your support. Do you think xanax vs xanaxXR gives you any better consistincy?
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A friend of mines DR just switched her over to the XR, and she says they are better for her with the time release thing going on.
But, please if your going to be on them for a while talk to your Doc about a longer lasting Benzo, they are a much better choice for long term use:)
and the "edgy" thing I guess allot of people feel that from Xanax,  you never know, you might find that a longer lasting Benzo doesnt have that side effect on you.
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